Case Study: 450% Organic Search Increase for a Fundraising Client

As a Platinum HubSpot Partner and marketing agency dedicated to inbound, we are strong advocates for methodology effectiveness in the community and to the clients we serve. Repeatedly, we discover that the superlative way to communicate the strength of our methodology is through the presentation of case studies performed on our current clients. The following is a case study representative of our tactics for an auctioneer client in the Rocky Mountain region.

The Client

Our client came to the Rocky Mountain region starting off as a solo auctioneer but then built up his team to approximately 5 auctioneers. The client tends to work with non-profits, schools/educations and also at corporate events. Any company hosting a fundraising event and in need of an auctioneer would hire our client. What set this client apart is the presence of in-house consultants that work with the event planners who manage the gala events on how best to set up the events, along with the logistics involved. This particular client is best known for their paddle raisers, helping clients increase their fundraising efforts.

When this client came to ClearPivot, they had reached a plateau in their business and were not experiencing optimal growth. Multiple brands were involved, which contributed to disconnection. They desired consistency in their marketing/branding, targeted workflows and to increase their visibility online. It became apparent that our client was equally struggling with an identity problem. Their goal was to reduce the amount of events the owner was doing and give more responsibility to other auctioneers. Building the awareness that our client wasn't simply a "one man show", but communicating the message that it doesn't matter what auctioneer was chosen was the goal. When our client got hired, they desired their company name to be associated with the event, not just the owner. Being a former NFL player, our client was extremely high-profile, so it was paramount to grow the business and not simply his personal name.

The ClearPivot Solution: A Customized Inbound Marketing Retainer and Re-brand Focused on Engagement

ClearPivot boosted our auctioneer client's organic search by reformatting their navigation bar, developing pillar pages based on their sections of business, and consistent, dependable blogging. (To learn more about why pillar pages are essential to SEO and a successful marketing plan, check out our article on topic clusters and pillar content). We organized a game plan with them at the start of our engagement to truly understand their personas and deep dive into the pain points of each target audience. Through our engagement, we have worked on consolidating their brand and doing a full re-brand. This included a name change of their business. We also ran detailed Facebook ads as well as Google ads. 

As we continued to work with this client, it became clear that the individuality of the retainer would require a dedicated consulting approach. So, ClearPivot further streamlined, focused and simplified their online presence by absorbing the original website into the re-branded website.

Over the last year, ClearPivot has also implemented a customized inbound marketing retainer with our auctioneer client to achieve their primary goals of branching out their re-branded business and engaging targeted personas (developed into new customers) in their events.

This Unique Monthly Inbound Marketing Retainer (consulting-oriented) includes:

  • Producing and publishing blog articles on a monthly basis
  • Producing and publishing monthly email campaigns
  • Social media posts to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn followers and friends
  • Ongoing PPC advertising campaigns
  • Workflow creation, manipulation and ongoing management
  • 90-minute performance results walk-through, and planning and strategy session, each month
  • Documenting all marketing results in monthly reports, with dedicated monthly standing meetings to discuss report results with the client
  • Strategic website changes involved in re-branding and establishing credibility
  • Ongoing real-time heat map tracking on all website pages
  • Publishing calendar production and implementation
  • Ongoing sales and marketing alignment and coaching

The Results

The primary reason this client has been so successful is because ClearPivot has created a custom Inbound Marketing Retainer where the client was able to consolidate their brand, develop  a clearer message about who they are, integrate pillar page development within their strategy and consistently blog.  

Through our monthly engagement, we were able to grow their digital audience, website traffic,  inbound phone calls, and  total website leads. We were also better able to strategize with the client and optimize and promote events under the re-branded name, sales and company news to the community and their customers.

Looking at the chart below, we can see that monthly organic search increased 450% over a 5-month period from December 2018 to April 2019. For a 5+ year-old, mature company, this is an impressive increase.

Organic Search for Fundraising Client


This case study exemplifies the competence of our website tactics and inbound marketing retainers. If you run a similar type-company to this client, and are looking to make increases in traffic, leads, brand visibility, and ultimately, revenue, check to see if ClearPivot is the right choice to facilitate attaining these goals..

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