Case Studies

Over 250 Leads per Month for an International Plastic Surgery Practice

A Marketing Transformation Case Study

Going from a tiny bit of PR around a new business launch into international marketing success is quite an in-depth endeavor. We are proud to have worked with one international plastic surgery clinic to kick-start website traffic from zero to 4,500 visits in month one, and get it to over 15,000 visits and 250 leads a month less than a year later.

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Topics: Plastic Surgery Marketing

Marketing & Sales Operations Overhaul for a B2B SaaS Company

Data Cleanup and custom CRM systems integration for closed-loop reporting and automated sales processes for an online survey software provider

ClearPivot has a long history of working with clients who are trying to carve out a competitive niche in tough industries. Few areas are more competitive than data services and technologies. After all, data is the lifeblood of any business, and if a company can enhance how others gather, analyze, and turn data into profitable action, then the value they can offer is practically unlimited. Which is why so many companies vie to make their platform the go-to for data aggregation and management.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing

The Process and Results of Implementing a B2B Sales Acceleration Retainer

For many years the bane of the marketing world has been the ability to completely track the ROI of marketing campaigns. As we began to work with more clients, we saw the value tracking ROI (and ultimately closing the loop) could bring to both our agency and the services we provide as well as our clients. This case study addresses a B2B consulting and auditing client of ours who we have worked with for many years now. In that time we have been able to grow their site traffic exponentially. In this past year that we have also begun to track their sales metrics, and consequently the source of their sales (organic, paid, direct, etc). The results of our efforts have been nothing short of amazing. In the past year we have tracked over $479,000 in new client revenue for them, and now, with a full closed-loop marketing/sales data set, we are able to directly tie each part of our marketing campaign to specific pieces of revenue. Below we will highlight in more detail what led to our expansion into sales tracking and the details of our client’s success.

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Case Study: 450% Organic Search Increase for a Fundraising Client

As a Platinum HubSpot Partner and marketing agency dedicated to inbound, we are strong advocates for methodology effectiveness in the community and to the clients we serve. Repeatedly, we discover that the superlative way to communicate the strength of our methodology is through the presentation of case studies performed on our current clients. The following is a case study representative of our tactics for an auctioneer client in the Rocky Mountain region.

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Case Study: Lead Generation Increase for Facial Plastic Surgery Client

As an inbound marketing agency and a HubSpot Partner, we often find ourselves advocating the effectiveness of our methodology to the community and to potential and existing clients. We often find that the best way to share the power of our methodology is through case studies conducted on our existing clients. The following is a case study demonstrating our approach for a facial plastic surgery and laser aesthetics clinic in the Rocky Mountain region.

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How The Spencer James Group Grew Website Traffic by 350% with ClearPivot

For some businesses, web traffic is everything. One of our clients, The Spencer James Group, is an executive search firm that relies on website visitors for its very survival. In this case study, we’ll look at how we worked with them over a three-year period to achieve a gain of over 350% in monthly page views. 

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316% Organic Search Traffic Increases in 11 Months

Our latest case study is just another example of how our inbound marketing retainers can produce fantastic results for a business. In under 12 months, we helped a plastic surgery practice more than triple their organic search traffic. Let’s dive into how we achieved those impressive results.

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342% Lead Generation Increase for The Vein Institute

Our latest case study is just another example of how our inbound marketing retainers can produce fantastic results for a business. In just 12 months, we helped a startup medical practice grow their monthly leads by an astounding 342%! Let’s take a look at how we achieved those impressive results.

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674% Increase in Lead Generation for Southern Surgical Arts In 3 Years

While most every marketer can easily see the advantages to obtaining outside help for certain fixed-scope projects, the benefits of contracting for ongoing marketing production may seem more elusive. This case study illustrates how one company took the plunge, with oh-so-gratifying results.

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HubSpot Website Redevelopment and CRM implementation for IDEAS World

The Client

At the beginning of 2017 we began a HubSpot website redevelopment and CRM implementation project with an organization called IDEAS. IDEAS is a professional placement agency for individuals who are seeking to broaden their horizons by using their professional talents overseas. Prior to starting the project, IDEAS had an aesthetically pleasing but only semi-functional website hosted on WordPress. As IDEAS grew, they could not find an easy way to manage the contacts and applicants they were gathering through WordPress while keeping the website online. This was the start of their problem.

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