The Hidden Cost of Open Source Software

Open source software has a lot of things going for it. Anybody can access it and customize it for their own use. Everybody can contribute to it, sharing what they created for themselves for the benefit of others. And of course it’s free.

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How to Write Marketing Content For an Unfamiliar Industry

You did it! You landed a new job as marketing manager at company XYZ! Now it’s time to get down to work and write some marketing materials for your new company, but you don’t know where to start.  Although you know marketing, you don’t particularly know the ins and outs of your new company’s products and services. As a project manager for a marketing agency, we often take on new clients where we are initially unfamiliar with their products and services and need to on-board ourselves quickly. So how do we do it? Here’s some ideas and resources from our own experience that might help you in producing quality marketing and technical content for your company.

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English-to-Arabic Website Translation - 10 Steps for Getting it Right

Very few English websites have Arabic translations, less than 5%, yet there are more than 420 million people in the world who are Arabic speakers. This is a huge opportunity for targeting Arabic speakers and growing your business. 

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Key Components of a Great Buyer Persona

If you have not yet created buyer personas to support your marketing planning, tsk tsk. Consider yourself also chastised if you have personas but don’t actually use them. Make this a priority for 2020: create a buyer persona for each of your key audience segments. We’ll give you a head start, with some insight here on the key components that go into a great buyer persona.

Each persona is like a guide who will direct you toward the marketing content, formats and delivery channels your most important targets are using. Without that help, you risk wasting time and money wandering around in the vastness of the online marketplace, hoping you’ll run into a viable prospect.

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How to Set Advertising Budgets for Senior Living

Marketing senior living can feel overwhelming for those not prepared for the challenge of juggling numerous campaign roles, such as analytics guru, SEO expert, sales vendor, and marketing calendar manager. On top of all that, you have to figure out the best way to allocate your marketing and advertising budget to reach the optimal audience spread and keep your leads and occupancy at a desired level for your facility.

There are several trends that you should take into account when evaluating your senior living outreach budget:

Seniors are more digitally savvy - Most searches for senior living begin online these days, and so having a web presence and active digital brand is essential for any impactful marketing and advertising initiative. In fact, 6,000 online searches concerning senior care and senior living are made every hour in the US.

Seniors are increasingly mobile - Investing in mobile marketing and click-to-call advertising has been shown to convert 30% more than just web-based outreach. Fortunately, seniors and their caretakers are on their phones more than ever, so investing advertising with “Call now” CTAs can help accelerate sales and drive more leads.

Senior living has become highly competitive - A rise in senior living facilities has now combined with in-home care options and other alternative care methods, cluttering the ad space. At the same time, 60% of senior living marketers and advertisers have seen a stagnation of their budget in the past year.

With those in mind, here’s a main process way to break down your senior living marketing budget. It just takes a little math on your end.

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How to Optimize Your Medical Device Marketing Budget

When you are marketing medical device sales or services to the healthcare market, every dollar has to count for maximum ROI. But where should these advertising and marketing spends be invested in? Unfortunately, many medical device vendors rely on erroneous assumptions and unreliable historical data to inform their device marketing budget for the upcoming year or quarter.

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How to Advertise Medical Devices to the Modern Healthcare Industry

Overcoming the Obstacles of Medical Device Advertising

What’s one of the most significant problems when advertising medical devices for the modern healthcare provider or clinic? It’s not the fact that there are countless brands and product lines cluttering up the market. It’s not even the highly technical nature of most medical devices that require effective advertising to convey exactly what the device is good for.

Nor is it often the high price point that most medical devices come with. After all, if the device is as great as you’re making it sound, doctors and health industry executives should see the realistic investment they’re making in a device purchase or rental, and the positive impact it will have on long-term patient care.

The biggest obstacle? Most of your target audience barely has the time to care for patients, much less pay attention to the overwhelming amount of medical device advertising that comes their way.

How do you stand out from the crowd and convince doctors and patients alike to give your message the time of day? Here are some strategies you can apply to your medical device marketing and advertising campaigns.

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The New Landscape of Senior Living Branding: Do’s and Don’ts

As a senior living facility, you might think it’s easy to identify and connect with your target audience. After all, it’s right there in your business description. Seniors. The aging and elderly part of the population who require increasingly intensive and specialized care as they transition through their final phases of life.

Yet how well is your business actually prepared to engage this customer demographic? The likelihood is you’re operating under some older assumptions about seniors and their needs, and are overlooking branding opportunities that could spur growth for your living facility.

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Marketing a Medical Device: The Methodology

The best way to market any medical device depends on the specific product and, therefore, who you’re marketing to. Success comes from tailoring content and campaigns to match your targets’ needs and interests, as well as where they are in the buying cycle. So the first step is creating marketing personas that represent each segment of your target audience.

Once you have clearly defined your key targets, you can flesh out your medical device marketing strategy with content you know will be well-received.

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The top retirement community marketing agencies in the US

Choosing a marketing agency for your retirement community can feel daunting. It is essential to find a team that inspires trust and confidence in their ability to achieve strong results with strong ROI. But it is equally essential to find a team of people you like – people who make you feel comfortable as well as inspired – because successful marketing is a partnership.

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