Chris Strom

With experience both with multi-national organizations and at early-stage software startups, Chris Strom started ClearPivot in 2009 to address an increasingly growing need for businesses: the increasing importance web-based marketing channels, and the confusion and lack of understanding in many businesses of how to harness the new opportunities brought on by these changes. Solving these challenges is what gets Chris and his team out of bed each and every morning.

The Hidden Cost of Open Source Software

Open source software has a lot of things going for it. Anybody can access it and customize it for their own use. Everybody can contribute to it, sharing what they created for themselves for the benefit of others. And of course it’s free.

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Marketing a Medical Device: The Methodology

The best way to market any medical device depends on the specific product and, therefore, who you’re marketing to. Success comes from tailoring content and campaigns to match your targets’ needs and interests, as well as where they are...

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