Like any piece of advanced machinery, your HubSpot portal can be incredibly powerful if used well. It can also be incredibly wasted if not utilized well. Well-executed process mapping, effective data architecture, and KPIs that answer the questions you need answered are foundational to achieving HubSpot success. If you aren't doing these things in your HubSpot portal, you could be setting yourself up for major issues down the road.

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Some of the most common HubSpot RevOps struggles we see are:

  • Leads that never got followed up on
    • Consequence: lost sales

  • Deals that slipped through the cracks
    • Consequence: lost sales

  • Not utilizing your CRM/marketing systems because they're "a mess"
    • Consequence: missing out on sales & growth opportunities

  • Making decisions based on assumptions rather than data because data is missing or inaccurate
    • Consequence: wasting time and money doing things that don't actually bring you customers

If you're struggling with really utilizing your HubSpot portal, it's time to ask for help. That's where our revenue operations experts come in.


We turn you into a RevOps hero through
a 4-step process:

  1. Map out your ideal-state customer journey lifecycle
  2. Build the processes and systems to implement that customer lifecycle
  3. Operate the systems and track key indicators of progress
  4. Identify and implement opportunities for further improvement

Types of projects

Let's look at the specifics of our RevOps process.
Our HubSpot operations projects oftentimes include:

Solution design

Design your ideal-state customer lifecycle and plan out how your business processes and systems will support that. Remove friction and roadblocks.

  • Customer journey lifecycle mapping
    • Marketing → Sales → Customer Success
    • Key handoff planning
    • Pipeline planning
  • Process mapping
  • Entity relationship diagramming
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) creation

Data Management

Leading your team with bad data is like driving while blindfolded. We make sure that doesn't happen.

  • Data architecture
    • Objects & associations
    • Object properties
  • Data Quality
    • Forms, imports, data tagging
    • Data cleaning
    • Nomenclature
    • Validation rules
    • Data enrichment
    • Record deduplication
  • Contact lifecycles
    • MQL, SQL & other lifecycle stages
  • Lead Scoring
    • Behavioral attributes
    • Demographic attributes
  • Segmentation & Lists
  • Campaign Management

Lead & Pipeline Management

Your company lives or dies based on its sales pipeline. We make sure that leads and opportunities don't languish and get overlooked, and that your deal velocity stays high.

  • Lead review & qualification
  • Sales SLA adherence tracking
  • Deal activity tracking
  • Task completion tracking
  • Sales team task/workload balancing
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Reporting & Analytics

  • Marketing analytics
    • Lifecycle stages & lead scoring
    • Attribution reporting
    • Campaign reporting
  • Sales analytics
    • Pipeline
    • Forecasting
    • Sales activities
  • CRM data analytics
    • Contacts
    • Companies
    • Deals
    • Invoices
    • Custom objects


  • Lead routing & territory management
  • Marketing automation
  • Process automation
  • Single-object and multi-object

system integration

  • Salesforce
    • Objects, properties & associations
    • Processes, sync rules & validations
    • Users & object ownership
    • Salesforce campaigns
  • NetSuite, Zoominfo, Apollo, Outreach
  • Custom API integrations


  • Product library
  • Quoting template development
  • Payment & billing systems

CRM user interfaces

Give your employees the right information at the right time to help them do their job better.

  • Object record UX
  • Object preview UX
  • Object index/list view
  • Board views
  • Custom CRM UI elements

User & team management

  • Security & user permissions
  • Team structure
  • Paid seat management

End user training

Your HubSpot portal won't help you if your people aren't using it. We help every member of your team maximise their adoption and utilization of their tools in the portal.

  • Sales team training
  • Marketing team training
  • Customer success team training
  • Key handoff training
    • Marketing → SDR
    • SDR → Account Executives
    • Account Executives → Customer Success
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Why ClearPivot?

Being a HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner means that we eat, sleep, and breathe HubSpot. In fact, we’ve been running HubSpot portals since 2011. We’re early adopters of its features with our own processes, so we have the hands-on experience that helps your business soar.

There's a lot that HubSpot has to offer. And we mean a lot. Fine-tuning your HubSpot ecosystem isn't just as simple as turning on your company's portal. It's about knowing how all of HubSpot's features work together and the underlying methodology behind what issues those tools are built to solve.

Why did we dedicate ourselves to becoming HubSpot experts? Because we believe that you should enjoy HubSpot performing at its fullest potential without having to get a decade's worth of experience yourself.

Do you need to be a HubSpot expert to work with us? Not at all. Your job is to be an expert in your own business. We'll help you find new ways of setting and achieving bold new goals with your existing HubSpot ecosystem.

But what if you are already a HubSpot expert? Then we want to hear the big ideas you've got to really make your business stand out. We're the extra pair of hands that can help you take on bigger projects and reach even greater heights.

Here are some examples of our HubSpot operations projects:

  • Setting up workflows to solve for existing issues
  • Auditing and cleaning your HubSpot data
  • Configuring your company user and account settings
  • Setting up integrations and analytics
  • Building custom dashboards and reports
  • Creating your company's knowledge base and ticketing system

Services built for your needs

We know there's no out of the box approach that works for everyone. If you cringe at the idea of making your processes fit a pre-built operations package, so do we. 

ClearPivot has been working and growing with HubSpot for over a decade. Every day we learn a new way to help our clients create the kind of business they want to see. What does that mean for you? It means that we get to know your company and goals to find the best ways for HubSpot to get you even more value.

You come to us with a vision of your HubSpot operations as they are. Maybe it's that you're experiencing an issue. Maybe you've got an ambitious new project that you're yearning to start. Before you even sign a contract, we want to understand everything we can about your business and where you want it to be.

Our next step is to take these ideas and make them into specific goals that we can accomplish in your HubSpot ecosystem. We will explore the options that you have to reach these goals and help you think of new ways to approach them.

After we get started with our work together, we'll set you up with one of our top tier Account Strategists. They will be with you every step of the way as we do the work to reach these goals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Anne Parker Working with ClearPivot was like a dream come true. They helped us get started and fully trained on HubSpot Marketing Hub, as well as helped with the creation/set-up of Google Analytics, Ads, and more. We mainly worked with Ryan, Courtney, and Chris and they are all so incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of HubSpot. They were very responsive, great teachers, and went above and beyond in working to get our outside CRM connected. We're very grateful to have gotten to work with them and they've made a massive improvement to our overall marketing efforts. We highly recommend this group!

Anne Parker

Digital Marketing Manager

Interim Healthcare

Eddie Morales We recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew from ClearPivot to develop our Customer Success/Support Ticketing System, and the experience was nothing short of outstanding. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, Andrew demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that exceeded our expectations. One of the key strengths of working with Andrew was his ability to truly understand our business needs. He took the time to conduct a thorough analysis of our customer support workflow, ensuring that the solution would be tailored to our specific requirements. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering a customized solution made the entire process seamless. Communication with Andrew was consistently clear, prompt, and transparent. He kept us informed at every stage of the project, promptly addressing any questions or concerns we had. We highly recommend Andrew at ClearPivot for any organization looking to build or enhance their customer support systems.

Eddie Morales

Manager, Strategic Initiatives


Lauren Shetler Andrew was a huge help as our team navigated the HubSpot onboarding process. There was a lot to learn since we were all new to HubSpot, but he was an incredible resource as we got up and running. Anytime we had questions, he was there... whether we needed to talk through high-level strategy or simply fine-tune a workflow. Would definitely recommend ClearPivot to anyone else ramping up in HubSpot!

Lauren Shetler

Senior Marketing Strategist

hatch I.T.

Tell Us About Your Project

Managing your HubSpot operations should not be stressful. We're here to be your mentors on the HubSpot platform, the extra pair of hands you need, and the scout who's always on the lookout for new ways to get more value from what you have.

Set up a 30 minute call with us to talk about your ideas for how your HubSpot portal can serve your business better.

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