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[VIDEO] How to Prospect Your Leads

Every company wants more sales leads. But believe it or not, many salespeople struggle to find a repeatable process to prospect through the leads in their pipeline and nurture their relationship with them until they're ready to buy. ClearPivot Account Manager Ryan Wright describes how to execute a repeatable sales prospecting process that works.

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Topics: CRM

Case Study: Contextual Marketing Training with Lutheran High School

Contextual marketing takes the content of all a company's communications with someone — on their website, on email, on social media, or on direct communication — and adapts it to be relevant to that person's particular needs or situation, rather than just generic one-size-fits-all content. From the first time a person sees a website, they are being addressed in a context that is specific to them. HubSpot offers a certification for Contextual Marketing. But what happens when an organization wants to go a step beyond a certification? This case study addresses how one organization chose to go beyond a certification and ensure that a certified marketing team helped them to place their content into the particular needs and situation of the visitor.

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Topics: Case Studies

Hiring a Marketing Agency versus Hiring In-House Employees

While there seems to be an almost instantaneous solution for all business queries this day in age, from the A.I. assistance of Facebook’s M with your daily schedule, to even an Uber of the skies and sea for every Fortune 500 CEO’s traveling needs, it is still evident that a productive business executive just can’t do it all.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

What does the Twitter heart mean?

In an effort to be more immediately relatable, Twitter is trading the star icon on their platform for a heart. Previously the star icon was associated with "favoriting" a tweet. Now Twitter users will be clicking a heart instead of a star. By clicking the heart a user will now "like" a tweet. This update takes place on November 3rd. 

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Topics: Social Media

Facebook M: Why Businesses Need to Pay Attention

Facebook has begun testing a new personal assistant tool called M. It will allow Facebook Messenger users to find information, similar to the way Apple’s Siri, Google’s Now and Microsoft’s Cortana work. But Facebook's long-term plan for M is to make it step out ahead of the others, also enabling users to follow through with tasks such as making purchases, arranging deliveries and booking reservations or appointments.

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[VIDEO] What Inbound Marketing Agencies Need From Their Clients

When a Marketing Director engages with an inbound marketing agency — or any digital agency for that matter — the agency will need more from them than just prompt payment of the contract invoices. There are several key things that agencies need from their clients in order to ensure a productive and fruitful relationship. Here are some of the things that inbound agencies like Clearpivot need:

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

Why the Rank of the Keywords You're Tracking are Probably Useless

Yep, we said it: you're probably wasting a lot of time tracking the rank of that keyword list you made. It isn’t so much that keyword strategy is worthless, it’s that so many business marketers are targeting words that don’t work. You may think you have an ideal understanding of your keywords, but it’s likely that list of words you’re using does not correlate to the key words and phrases your prospects are actually using to search.

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Topics: SEO

Case Study: Electrical Component Manufacturer Increases Lead Generation 788%

It’s amazing what rethinking your existing assets can do to boost lead generation. We all know that digital marketing is not a set-and-forget exercise, yet sometimes B2B marketers aren’t sure what they should change to improve online results.

Here’s an example that may prove instructive for your own marketing. The company in our example is a manufacturer of electrical components.

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Topics: Conversion Optimization, Case Studies

[VIDEO] Drunk User Review of ClearPivot.com

They say your website should be so easy to use that a drunk person can use it. So naturally, we paid this guy to get drunk and review our website for us. Here's what he had to say:

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Topics: Web Design & Development

Are Changes to the Like Button for Facebook Here Yet?

You may have heard the rumours that Facebook is investigating changes to their Like Button and it is true. Released in test markets in Spain and Ireland this week, Facebook has rolled out six new options to augment the current Like button in these markets.

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