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Facebook has slashed marketers' organic reach. Now what?

Just when marketers think they have things dialed in, someone goes and changes the ground rules. The landscape shifts, and now that finely-tuned dial points in a less-desirable direction. Google tweaks their algorithms, and now Facebook, too. The most recent Facebook changes to what shows (or not) on users' news feeds has caused a dramatic drop in organic reach for business pages, along with a corresponding drop in engagement.

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The secret of local search for plumbing companies

While it’s tempting to use old-school SEO methods like keyword stuffing and link-building to promote your plumbing business online, a much more effective way to increase your client base is to focus on local search marketing.

Local search queries are searches made by people looking for businesses and products geographically nearby. People in New York will want to find plumbers in New York, while people in Dallas will want to find plumbers in Dallas. In the United States alone, there are more than 10 billion searches made online. Of those searches, 20-percent of desktop queries and 50-percent of mobile queries are locally-focused.

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Google: Social media sites are treated no differently from any other website

The news that social media pages are not an SEO magic bullet isn’t new. What may be surprising is the video released by Google’s Matt Cutts, in which he states that social media sites, e.g. Twitter and Facebook, are treated like any other website for page ranking purposes. Google might be downplaying the impact of social media sites a little in public because Facebook and its ilk are Google’s competition, holding onto data that Google would love to have. But Google has a point.

Social media sites are essentially HTML sites

This statement makes sense – after all, each social media page, whether it’s a Tweet or Facebook status update or LinkedIn post, is at its core just another HTML page that gets crawled like any other page. However, social media sites use a “nofollow” tag to prevent link spamming, meaning that the links on those sites aren’t followed by Google’s spiders. This is to prevent link spamming and other black hat SEO techniques. The nofollow tag also means that Google isn't generally using the social media sites as part of its page ranking system.

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Case Study: SEO Audit & Website Development for Southen Surgical Arts

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based cosmetic surgery practice Southern Surgical Arts works with its patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals with natural, artistic results. Southern Surgical Arts serves both men and women, offering a variety of procedures, and has consistently won awards as the best cosmetic surgery practice in Chattanooga. The practice uses its website as a key channel to generate and convert leads and educate patients.

The Challenge: Make Over Existing Website to Increase Conversions

However, Southern Surgical Arts’s website wasn’t keeping up with its practice. A confusing user interface and a static, brochure-type feel hindered its ability to convert visitors into patients, as well as educate potential patients about procedures. Additionally, Southern Surgical Arts was missing out on search engine traffic because the site didn’t follow SEO best practices. The practice needed a website redevelopment that could incorporate HubSpot to ensure its website was reaching prospective clients.

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Why "Googling Your Keywords" is a Terrible Way to Measure Your Marketing

Coming up at the top of a Google search made by the owner of a company does not mean that the company’s site has is set up properly to attract customers. Gone are the days when Googling “medical spa” would bring up the site with the most mentions of the words “medical spa" stuffed into its pages. Now, Google search is heavily personalized, and conducting searches on just one person’s computer will not reflect whether or not a site has search visibility that will reach prospects.

Search Results are Highly Personalized

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How to Get Rid of the "Tire-Kickers" Clogging Your Sales Pipeline

While it it important for a company to invest in marketing and sales to generate leads and prospects, these efforts will be wasted if these prospects are "tire kickers." They will ask an endless amount of questions, raise numerous arbitrary objections and are not likely to buy. Even if one manages to close deals with a few of them, these people nevertheless will clog up the company's sales pipeline due to the time that one ends up wasting on them. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of them. To help with this, we will describe how to get the attention of real sales leads instead of those pesky tire kickers.

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Little-Known Ways of Boosting Your Conversion Rate

When it comes to managing the website of a business, improving web traffic is an important factor that many companies focus on. However, that web traffic is useless if the conversion rate is low. "Conversion rate" is the rate at which the individuals that visit the website become actual sales leads. There are some obvious strategies for doing this that most companies are aware of by now, from providing visitors with helpful and useful content to creating strong calls-to-action. However, there are still a number of ways that one can improve the conversion rate of a website that many companies are missing out on. The following are 4 often-overlooked ways to improve a website’s conversion rate:

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Lead the Way in Your Industry Through Thought Leadership Research

Guest post by Peggy Lawless, Lawless Research

No one knows more than you about your products and services, but do prospects and customers think of you as a thought leader in your industry?

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3 Things Your Prospects Hate About Your Lead Nurturing Emails

How marketers communicate with leads that have opted in is a crucial part of nurturing. The tactics for communicating with potential customers and moving them down the sales funnel must be carefully considered. Lead nurturing emails can be extremely powerful when used properly; they can also be a marketer's downfall when they are misused. These emails provide marketers with an excellent opportunity to grow their relationships with their prospects and to help their decision-making; however, certain practices can have exactly the opposite result and drive prospects away rather than entice them. The worst mistakes include:

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A Simple Guide to Understanding PPC Quality Scores

Understanding PPC requires a solid comprehension of Quality Score. This is because Quality Score has tremendous impact over the cost and efficacy of any paid search campaign. Just as a credit score that can affect whether a person qualifies for a loan and how high their interest rate should be, Google AdWords' Quality Score influences how a PPC ad performs and how much is paid for each click.

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