4 Disruptive Things About the New HubSpot CRM

Big news out of Boston today: HubSpot is moving beyond marketing-only tools and has now introduced a new inbound pillar: a state-of-the-art sales CRM. We’ve been beta testing the new CRM for about two weeks now and have come away extremely impressed. There are many parts of the new CRM that we like, but here are 4 truly disruptive things in particular that stand out to us:

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Case Study: 11% Quote Completion Rate Increase for Explorer RV

One of the things a customized inbound marketing retainer can provide is effectively managed marketing automation. While well-planned and executed marketing automation campaigns can greatly improve the health of a company's sales pipeline, many companies struggle to achieve maximum benefit from them.

Explorer RV is a case in point.

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Case Study: 22x increase in Earned Audience Size for Raleigh DeGeer Amyx

What could an inbound marketing retainer do for your business? Consider this true story:

When three-time Emmy® Award winner Bryan Cranston was tapped to star in a six-month Broadway run of “All the way” to debut in 2014, he wanted to play the role of LBJ as authentically as possible, right down to using the exact pen President Johnson used to sign the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Searching online, Cranston discovered the website for the Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection, one of the largest private American historical artifact collections in the United States. He learned that Raleigh DeGeer Amyx had the very pen he wanted -- the original used by LBJ himself. Unfortunately, the pen was under auction, but Cranston was able to purchase a replica from Raleigh. He also made plans to bid on the original when it went up for auction in September 2014.

The moral of this story? Top-quality website content brings you customers you’d never otherwise find. Raleigh got that visibility boost – and a 22x increase in earned audience size – via the marketing work of ClearPivot.

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Marketing Fitness 101: How to Optimize Your Contact List, Part 2

Optimizing your marketing contact list does not end with just cleaning out the list itself. It involves maintaining and nurturing a good relationship with the people on your list and being relevant to them, so that they always look forward to your emails and posts. Much like in training, consistency is key. Contrary to reports that email marketing is dead, it is alive and well, especially since it provides a solid anchor in the constant stream of information available on the internet for your contacts. Here are four ways that you can use email and other media to maintain and grow good relationships with the people in your marketing contact list.

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How to build a sales enablement strategy with your content marketing

Companies running full-stack inbound marketing are producing an incredible amount of excellent content: infographicsebooks, white papers, and more. But this content needs to do more than just be used for traffic generation and lead generation. Your content needs to go beyond just this top-of-the-funnel marketing; it needs to also be used to facilitate sales, and become a critical tool that is used by your sales team to close more deals. If you spend the time and resources to produce marketing content but neglect to get it in the hands of your salespeople, you're leaving money on the table.

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Case Study: Davidson Academy SEO Audit and Website Redevelopment

Davidson Academy, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is an interdenominational, college preparatory school that offers students from preschool through Grade 12 rigorous academics, a variety of extracurricular activities to develop their talents, and a Christian environment to learn and grow. Founded in 1980, Davidson Academy's graduates have attended MIT, Rhodes, Vanderbilt, Tulane, DePaul, and other national and international universities.

The Challenge: Optimize Website for Modern Marketing 

Davidson Academy knew that it needed an upgraded website to attract students, faculty, and donors. Its existing website had been built by in the early 2000s, and while the school had seen some success, it couldn't keep up with the needs of modern inbound marketing with the awkward navigational structure and old-fashioned design. While the Davidson Academy website was running on HubSpot, the old visual structure had been ported over from the previous content management system. Additionally, the amount of content on the site itself was too much for the old website navigation structure. Davidson Academy knew it needed to rethink and redevelop its website to grow student enrollment and use the site as an effective marketing tool.

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Three Little-Known Things You Should Double-Check Before Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency

When it’s time to select an inbound marketing agency, most people know they need to look for the usual things like case studies, customer testimonials, and team member experience, as well as asking for references to call and seeing samples of the marketing agency’s previous work. But there are some other things to look for that may not be as obvious but can be crucial to look for in your selection process. Here are three things that might be missed in the evaluation process — but are critical to consider when evaluating a new agency.

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Case Study: HubSpot Web Development for Accu-Tech

Founded in 1984, Georgia-based Accu-Tech is a national distributor of voice, data, A/V, and security products. Accu-Tech supports a robust contractor customer base, providing vendor-independent premise cabling solutions from top industry manufacturers.

The Challenge: Create a Cohesive Website

In 2013, Accu-Tech realized that its current website’s design and presentation was not cohesive or user-friendly, and its navigation and structure made it difficult for its customers to find the information they needed. It had been using the same website structure for several years, and as the company added products, simply added content. The website couldn’t accommodate the expanded range of content and was not mobile-responsive.

Additionally, the existing Accu-Tech website wasn’t built for conversions. Site visitors could browse, but if by chance they found what they were looking for, it was hard to figure out how to inquire about products.

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Marketing Fitness 101: How to Optimize Your Website Content

Anyone who has kept an eye on the calendar warily knows that when summer is almost here, it means a diet and exercise routine to get that beach body (and perhaps attract other fit people on the sand). Just as being physically fit is important, so is having a fit website with a content marketing plan that attracts the right kind of visitors – and that takes a diet and exercise regimen all on its own.

The Problem

The problem that many websites have is similar to what people face after a season or two of neglect: bloated content, irrelevant content, and overall lack of tone. The irrelevant content means that the wrong prospects are visiting the site, wasting your time and your sales team’s time by following up on inbound leads from unqualified prospects.

Irrelevant content also skews your web analytics, which makes it harder to optimize your website’s conversion, and along with those skewed analytics could provide a false sense that the site is succeeding as a lead generation tool. That means you could end up wasting even more time producing content that ultimately is not a good fit for your prospects or your sales process.

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Case Study: SEO Audit & Website Redevelopment for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

AmeriFirst Home Mortgage has provided home loans for three decades throughout the Midwest and the South. Headquartered in Portage, Michigan, the company focuses on developing relationships with its clients to provide them with the right loans for their situations.

The Challenge: Help the Website Catch Up to the Blog

In the past few years, AmeriFirst began a heavy inbound marketing program, using its blog as a foundation. The blog was so successful that the company wanted to revamp the rest of its website, which was a legacy website that did not perform either on an organic SEO level or from a conversion perspective or user experience perspective, compared to the blog’s performance. In other words, the blog was moving forward, but the rest of the site was not keeping up.

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