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Chris Strom

With experience both with multi-national organizations and at early-stage software startups, Chris Strom started ClearPivot in 2009 to address an increasingly growing need for businesses: the increasing importance web-based marketing channels, and the confusion and lack of understanding in many businesses of how to harness the new opportunities brought on by these changes. Solving these challenges is what gets Chris and his team out of bed each and every morning.

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How The Spencer James Group Grew Website Traffic by 350% with ClearPivot

For some businesses, web traffic is everything. One of our clients, The Spencer James Group, is an executive search firm that relies on website visitors for its very survival. In this case study, we’ll look at how we worked with them over a three-year period to achieve a gain of over 350% in monthly page views. 

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674% Increase in Lead Generation for Southern Surgical Arts In 3 Years

While most every marketer can easily see the advantages to obtaining outside help for certain fixed-scope projects, the benefits of contracting for ongoing marketing production may seem more elusive. This case study illustrates how one company took the plunge, with oh-so-gratifying results.

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300% Lead Generation Rate Increase for a Cosmetic Surgery Practice

As with any investment, your business expects to see a good ROI within a reasonable amount of time. The definition of “reasonable amount of time” obviously varies from business to business. Would you consider total monthly leads quadrupling in just four months a reasonable amount of time? We sure would! This case study will show how ClearPivot increased web traffic, social media audience, and lead generation for our client - even during a typical slow season in their industry.

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B2B Consulting Company Increases Lead Generation 57%

Can an inbound marketing retainer work for B2B company? All too often, sales and marketing executives in working in non-consumer environments assume that web-based marketing isn’t quite right for their enterprise. But luckily that is the case. In this article, we’ll look at a case study that illustrates the kind of success companies can enjoy with strategically designed and consistently applied inbound practices.

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Electrical Component Manufacturer Increases Lead Generation 788%

It’s amazing what rethinking your existing assets can do to boost lead generation. We all know that digital marketing is not a set-and-forget exercise, yet sometimes B2B marketers aren’t sure what they should change to improve online results.

Here’s an example that may prove instructive for your own marketing. The company in our example is a manufacturer of electrical components.

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Kaysun Corporation HubSpot Website Development

A 203% increase in lead generation will put a smile on any marketer’s face. This is in fact exactly what happened to the protagonist of this ClearPivot success story.

Kaysun Corporation is a custom plastics injection molding company that also provides complex engineering solutions for their customers. In their words, they turn “seemingly impossible challenges into manufacturing success stories.” But they had a challenge of their own – a marketing challenge.

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Delta Health Technologies Doubles Lead Generation in 3 months

One of the best ways to learn what works in marketing is to study actual success stories. The following case study exemplifies successful lead generation for both top- and bottom-of-funnel audience segments.

The Client

Delta Health Technologies® has been in the healthcare support business for decades, proudly creating technology solutions that, in their words, “help home health, hospice and private duty agencies deliver the best possible care more efficiently and profitably.” With demand for their clients’ services rapidly increasing, it’s critical for Delta to provide them the functionality they need and maintain their position as an industry leader.

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve lead generation  increasing top-of-funnel leads and also generating more bottom-of-the-funnel sales-qualified leads for their software products. They had worked with ClearPivot previously with excellent results, so they again requested assistance to meet this new marketing challenge.

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Rebranding and HubSpot Development for The Rainmaker Group

When are lower numbers a good sign? When they show your HubSpot development and refreshed branding are a howling success.

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22x increase in Earned Audience Size for Raleigh DeGeer Amyx

What could an inbound marketing retainer do for your business? Consider this true story:

When three-time Emmy® Award winner Bryan Cranston was tapped to star in a six-month Broadway run of “All the way” to debut in 2014, he wanted to play the role of LBJ as authentically as possible, right down to using the exact pen President Johnson used to sign the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Searching online, Cranston discovered the website for the Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection, one of the largest private American historical artifact collections in the United States. He learned that Raleigh DeGeer Amyx had the very pen he wanted -- the original used by LBJ himself. Unfortunately, the pen was under auction, but Cranston was able to purchase a replica from Raleigh. He also made plans to bid on the original when it went up for auction in September 2014.

The moral of this story? Top-quality website content brings you customers you’d never otherwise find. Raleigh got that visibility boost – and a 22x increase in earned audience size – via the marketing work of ClearPivot.

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HubSpot Web Development for Accu-Tech

Founded in 1984, Georgia-based Accu-Tech is a national distributor of voice, data, A/V, and security products. Accu-Tech supports a robust contractor customer base, providing vendor-independent premise cabling solutions from top industry manufacturers.

The Challenge: Create a Cohesive Website

In 2013, Accu-Tech realized that its current website’s design and presentation was not cohesive or user-friendly, and its navigation and structure made it difficult for its customers to find the information they needed. It had been using the same website structure for several years, and as the company added products, simply added content. The website couldn’t accommodate the expanded range of content and was not mobile-responsive.

Additionally, the existing Accu-Tech website wasn’t built for conversions. Site visitors could browse, but if by chance they found what they were looking for, it was hard to figure out how to inquire about products.

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