Seth Fendley

While serving as a site administrator in 2006, Seth Fendley realized the power of what then was yet to be coined “social media”. Setting his sights on infusing himself in this ecosystem he double majored in Speech Communications and Public Relations. When not writing or tweeting he can be found out on the disc golf course taking in some fresh air.

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Grammarly: 18 Weeks In and Still Loving It

Does the thought of encountering a grammar nazi scare you? Have you always struggled with punctuation, grammatical, or spelling errors? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should consider Grammarly.

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HubSpot vs. Squarespace: A comparison of two platforms

In this article we take a moment to look at the similarities and differences in Squarespace and HubSpot. On the surface, HubSpot and Squarespace are similar; they are both CMS systems that include marketing tools for businesses. However, when you dig a little deeper, you find out those similarities don't go beyond the surface.

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How We Set Up Two Websites Inside One Hubspot Portal

Recently a client approached us with a unique project. The company has a secondary brand that needed a separate web presence from their main brand. The project was unique because as a secondary brand the client planned to retain all of the same color brandings; they just wanted to host the content on a separate domain. Thankfully since the client was already on HubSpot, the entire project planning and set up was undertaken and completed in under a week’s time.

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Topics: Web Design & Development

Why you need to use a CRM instead of a spreadsheet to track your sales

It is 2018 and technology is advancing at a rapid pace. However, even with the rapid growth of technology, there are still a host of people who have not gotten with the program, or in this case, the software. Platforms and software have been created to assist people with their everyday jobs, so when an organization or an individual opts not to adopt new technology it can be quite surprising.

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HubSpot vs. Wix: A comparison of two platforms

At ClearPivot one of the questions we receive quite often is what makes one platform better than the other? With options like HubSpot, Marketo, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix to name a few - how and why should a business choose one platform over the other?

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The Hierarchy of Sales Needs

In 1943 Abraham Maslow published a paper entitled “A Theory of Human Motivation” in his paper he detailed five inherent needs individuals experienced which impact their motivation. These needs are commonly referred to as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and are referenced across the world as a way to understand what causes or inhibits human action.

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Topics: CRM, Sales-Marketing Integration

3 Ways to Determine Local Search Viability for Your Business

If you are not able to be found online, you are pretty much dead in the water as a business nowadays. It can take a lot to get ranked on Google, but let’s be honest: being on the first page of a list of Google results is not the black and white definition of being found online. There are many places where a company can be found online, and for brick and mortar services (a business with a fixed location) local SEO is starting to be more and more important and lucrative.

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What's on our mobile home screens — revisited!

Last year we produced an article highlighting our phone homescreens. As digital marketers we are tied to our phones and our home screens reflect it. If you haven't yet, give our article from last year a read for context. It's cool, take your time (when you click this link it will open the article in a new window so you won't lose your place), we will wait for you.


Now that you're caught up on what was on our home screens last year, you can check out what has changed for us. 

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A Day in the Life of a Project Manager at ClearPivot

This Snapchat video is a little bit different. I (Seth Fendley) walk you through what I do during the day as a Project Manager at ClearPivot. Take a look:

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How Your MedSpa Should Address Negative Reviews

In any practice that focuses on beauty enhancement, there will be patients who dream of an amazing dramatic enhancement after just one treatment, regardless of your efforts to set realistic expectations. Unfortunately, this reality may result in negative reviews. Let’s look at some of the most common questions MedSpas ask about dealing with negative reviews.

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