HubSpot CRM Implementation with ClearPivot

hubspot-crm-dashboardIf you've been using HubSpot's marketing tools at your company but have never used a sales CRM (or your current CRM just isn't cutting it), it's time to change that. A CRM is your company's most valuable information asset, and the HubSpot CRM is one of the most advanced tools available.

But effective CRM implementation can take a lot of time and effort. Cut down your onboarding time with ClearPivot's HubSpot CRM implementation package.

ClearPivot's HubSpot CRM Implementation package includes:

  • Data setup customized according to your unique company processes
  • Contact and sales data import into the HubSpot CRM, to make it ready to use immediately for your sales team
  • 5 hours of CRM training, including CRM best practice training and specific HubSpot CRM functionality training

It's time to quit tracking your sales on spreadsheets. Get a leg up on your competition with ClearPivot's HubSpot CRM implementation package and start building your sales pipeline.

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