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Seth Fendley

While serving as a site administrator in 2006, Seth Fendley realized the power of what then was yet to be coined “social media”. Setting his sights on infusing himself in this ecosystem he double majored in Speech Communications and Public Relations. When not writing or tweeting he can be found out on the disc golf course taking in some fresh air.

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The Process and Results of Implementing a B2B Sales Acceleration Retainer

For many years the bane of the marketing world has been the ability to completely track the ROI of marketing campaigns. As we began to work with more clients, we saw the value tracking ROI (and ultimately closing the loop) could bring to both our agency and the services we provide as well as our clients. This case study addresses a B2B consulting and auditing client of ours who we have worked with for many years now. In that time we have been able to grow their site traffic exponentially. In this past year that we have also begun to track their sales metrics, and consequently the source of their sales (organic, paid, direct, etc). The results of our efforts have been nothing short of amazing. In the past year we have tracked over $479,000 in new client revenue for them, and now, with a full closed-loop marketing/sales data set, we are able to directly tie each part of our marketing campaign to specific pieces of revenue. Below we will highlight in more detail what led to our expansion into sales tracking and the details of our client’s success.

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HubSpot Website Redevelopment and CRM implementation for IDEAS World

The Client

At the beginning of 2017 we began a HubSpot website redevelopment and CRM implementation project with an organization called IDEAS. IDEAS is a professional placement agency for individuals who are seeking to broaden their horizons by using their professional talents overseas. Prior to starting the project, IDEAS had an aesthetically pleasing but only semi-functional website hosted on WordPress. As IDEAS grew, they could not find an easy way to manage the contacts and applicants they were gathering through WordPress while keeping the website online. This was the start of their problem.

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Online High School sees 220% organic lead generation increase

If you have read any of our previous case studies you will have noticed the results that an Inbound Marketing Retainer can produce for a company. This case study is another example. For this client we focused on organic search and social media sources. In the end, the payoff was phenomenal.

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Contextual Marketing Training with Lutheran High School

Contextual marketing takes the content of all a company's communications with someone — on their website, on email, on social media, or on direct communication — and adapts it to be relevant to that person's particular needs or situation, rather than just generic one-size-fits-all content. From the first time a person sees a website, they are being addressed in a context that is specific to them. HubSpot offers a certification for Contextual Marketing. But what happens when an organization wants to go a step beyond a certification? This case study addresses how one organization chose to go beyond a certification and ensure that a certified marketing team helped them to place their content into the particular needs and situation of the visitor.

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Davidson Academy SEO Audit and Website Redevelopment

Davidson Academy, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is an interdenominational, college preparatory school that offers students from preschool through Grade 12 rigorous academics, a variety of extracurricular activities to develop their talents, and a Christian environment to learn and grow. Founded in 1980, Davidson Academy's graduates have attended MIT, Rhodes, Vanderbilt, Tulane, DePaul, and other national and international universities.

The Challenge: Optimize Website for Modern Marketing 

Davidson Academy knew that it needed an upgraded website to attract students, faculty, and donors. Its existing website had been built by in the early 2000s, and while the school had seen some success, it couldn't keep up with the needs of modern inbound marketing with the awkward navigational structure and old-fashioned design. While the Davidson Academy website was running on HubSpot, the old visual structure had been ported over from the previous content management system. Additionally, the amount of content on the site itself was too much for the old website navigation structure. Davidson Academy knew it needed to rethink and redevelop its website to grow student enrollment and use the site as an effective marketing tool.

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