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What's a Good Marketing Budget for Plastic Surgery Practices?

The demand for aesthetic enhancements has made competition among cosmetic and plastic surgeons extremely high. What is the most effective way for a plastic surgery practice to achieve sustained growth? What budget amount is right for you? Spending too much on marketing can interfere with your operations budget. Spending too little can keep you from achieving your goals. Let’s look at how we assign a marketing budget amount that is affordable and helps achieve our objectives.

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Topics: Plastic Surgery Marketing

Our Snapchat Geofilters Experiment

Snapchat: the video and picture messenger that sees 158 million active daily users, offers its users a social media portal for sharing videos and images from their daily lives. In the five-plus years that Snapchat has been active, it has become not only a portal for social users, but also one for potentially effective exposure for businesses as well, and I’m not just talking Snapchat ads.

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Topics: Social Media, Social Media Advertising

Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages: What You Need to Know

If the majority of the article reading that you do is from your mobile device, and let’s face it, for most of us, it is — than you are not immune to the death-to-your-own-curiosity that is the slow load. I know that if I click on an article that has piqued my interest, if that content does not load with lightning speed and void of annoying pop-up ads, than I am out. While I might be a tad picky on the type of user experience I am expecting, I am certainly not alone, and mobile-conscious businesses, like Google and Facebook, see that. This eagerness to improve mobile user experience is something that Facebook and Google, specifically, have taken on over the course of 2016. For Facebook, it has led to the creation of something called Facebook Instant Articles (IA), and for Google, that is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Essentially, both have the same end goal, to provide near-instant load time for articles accessed from their server.

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Topics: Content Marketing

Is Your Website a Vanity Project, or a Measurable Asset?

Most businesses these days understand the importance of having a digital presence that includes a company website. However, as more and more people take to the Internet to fuel them through their buyer’s journey, the kind of website you present to them is becoming an even more critical part in getting your company into their journey. So, it’s time to ask you; is your website a vanity project, or a measurable asset?

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What is a Buyer's Journey, and Why is it so Important?

The buyer’s journey. What is it exactly and why is it so important for businesses to map and critically look at these journeys when structuring the framework of their marketing strategy?

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Topics: Persona Marketing

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Ad Relevance Scores

Last year, in a continued effort to refine their advertising parameters, as well as platform user experience with paid advertising, Facebook rolled out what is known as an Ad Relevance Score. But what exactly is a ‘relevance score’ and what does it mean for advertisers who rely on Facebook advertising to reach and engage their target audiences?

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Topics: Social Media Advertising

Finding Your Story: A Review of Storybase

As many marketers know, the elixir of life, so to speak, for inbound marketing is content generation. The strategy surrounding content mapping, ideation, creation, and implementation is one that becomes so delicate for each individual company, that it is vital to know what your audience is actually looking for before you can accurately begin.

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Topics: Content Marketing

Is Your Email List Just a Vanity Metric?


For years, marketing practitioners have let the pendulum swing between the value of email marketing and whether or not this powerful business tool is dead – replaced by its younger and more flashy sibling – social media. While we are fully camped in the belief that email marketing is alive and kicking, there are stigmas surrounding this method of marketing that do need to be laid to rest, and we are just going to come out and say it...

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Topics: Email Marketing

Hiring a Marketing Agency versus Hiring In-House Employees

While there seems to be an almost instantaneous solution for all business queries this day in age, from the A.I. assistance of Facebook’s M with your daily schedule, to even an Uber of the skies and sea for every Fortune 500 CEO’s traveling needs, it is still evident that a productive business executive just can’t do it all.

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