What We Do

So how specifically do we turn you into a RevOps hero? We do it in a 3-step process:

  1. Build systems to collect the data to identify opportunities for growth
  2. Find those growth opportunities and build a plan to achieve them
  3. Implement the growth plan and track key indicators of progress
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The Customer Journey Lifecycle



Turn Customers Into Evangelists


Capture Attention with High-interest Content

Our Methodology


Increase Purchases Through a rock-Solid Sales Process


Obtain and Nurture Leads Through Irrestistible Offers

Our Team

What do Mandarin Chinese, Pinterest, and circuit boards all have in common? Plenty, because they each play a role in our backstory. Discover how our personal experiences shaped us into the marketers we are today.

About Us
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Case Study

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  • Nexus Consulting

We built out a scaleable sales pipeline and a new custom quote-to-cash engine for Nexus Consulting that increased sales velocity and significantly reduced manual proposal-building.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jennifer Fuller I've worked with ClearPivot for more than eight years and also recommended them to many practices in our industry. I love how they are analytics driven to ensure that the work we produce together is yielding results for our physicians. They provide data that is meaningful so we can make adjustments in our marketing tactical plan. I truly feel like they partner with me. Most importantly, the leadership CARES about the work they produce with you. I am so thankful I found them.

Jennifer Fuller

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Vinson We've been using ClearPivot and HubSpot for inbound marketing for more than a year, and they've gotten results! Previously, 76 percent of our referrals came from third party online referral sources. Now, that number has declined to only about 50 percent, and we're getting the difference and MORE through direct traffic and links in customized marketing products created by ClearPivot. And there you have it: they do what they say!

Steve Vinson

Senior Vice President For Communications

Magnolia Manor

Trevor Lyons Let me preface by saying I don't work for HubSpot or ClearPivot. HubSpot is such a great tool, but if you think you can fully utilize it without hiring ClearPivot, Godspeed. We are so happy we found this company, experts doesn't even begin to describe ClearPivot, especially if you are lucky enough to get Monica Evans. The support they provided us has exceeded expectations. I'm convinced they know more than the HubSpot support team themselves. I can not recommend this company enough.

Trevor Lyons

Director of Technology

Ripclear Protection

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