Drive Sales & Marketing Results for Your Business

Raise your hand if you've ever used an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your new business program.

Although we do love spreadsheets, we know that approach won't keep you afloat for long because as your business grows, you quickly outgrow spreadsheets. You’ve undoubtedly had this experience in other aspects of your business. Technology that streamlines and automates saves time, keeps you on track and up to date. It’s simply better. Especially when it comes to managing complex customer relationships.

What would more sales and revenue and more loyal customers/clients do for your business?

  • 75% of sales managers say their CRM helps them boost sales
  • Studies show CRM systems can boost retention by 27%

In this day and age, using a customer relationship management tool (CRM) effectively can be instrumental in helping your business grow.

This Beginner’s Guide to CRM is your roadmap

It’s an easy read, but every page is meaty. And every point is applicable to your business. In this guide, you'll learn how companies benefit from using a CRM, what questions to ask when looking into tools, and the features to look for in a solution.

What Is CRM?

A software platform that helps you track interactions with current and future customers, yes, but it’s so much more. A CRM is an essential ingredient for business success today. You’ll learn why.

Which Companies Use CRM?

Hint: anybody and everybody who wants to grow their business. Not only the Big Guys, but small- and med-size companies. After all, you have to think big (and act big) in order to grow.

4 Benefits of CRM

A CRM can make marketing and sales more collaborative, more on-point, and more efficient every step of the way from gathering leads to mapping and analyzing campaign results. You’ll learn how.

9 Must-Have Features of a CRM

There’s no point in investing in technology that is not truly useful – and easily usable. With the right tool, salespeople, sales managers, marketers, business owners and leadership can all get organized and execute their work more efficiently and effectively. Everything they need is right at their fingertips – if the CRM is endowed with all the right features. What are they?

What if you could manage data capture, contacts, tasks, deals in progress, and sales and marketing content all in one place, with a tool that is mobile-friendly of course and fully integrated with your marketing automation software. We’ll tell you right now, your sales and marketing would be seamless. Smarter. Hello, big future!

Putting CRM to work for your company

You’re proud of how far your business has come so far (and you should be!). You want it to continue to grow and thrive. But you can’t do it alone. You need tools and know-how that will carry you into the future. But you also need customers, and that requires systematic customer relationship management.

This eBook will get you thinking about ways to create a sustainable new business platform for your company and your own career.

Download the guide today to learn more about how to use a CRM to drive results for your business.

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