HubSpot & Salesforce Overhaul for a B2B SaaS Company

Data user interfaceClearPivot has a long history of working with clients who are trying to carve out a competitive niche in tough industries. Few areas are more competitive than data services and technologies. After all, data is the lifeblood of any business, and if a company can enhance how others gather, analyze, and turn data into profitable action, then the value they can offer is practically unlimited. Which is why so many companies vie to make their platform the go-to for data aggregation and management.

This case study shows how ClearPivot assisted an underdog business in the data collection industry and gave them the tools and expertise necessary to compete with far more established and scaled-up competitors.

The Client

If you’ve ever taken a survey online, you’ve likely encountered one of our client’s software and submission flows. Or if you’ve ever provided feedback for your business, after an event, or as a customer service review, our client could’ve had a hand in the process.

Our client offers a wide variety of feedback data collection services and solutions, including corporate research systems, product and employee feedback, training assessments, market research, and much more in everything from the nonprofit to government to retail sectors and beyond.

The Challenge

Despite being around for over 10 years and being in a large software category, our client struggled to expand its digital footprint and effectively market its slowly growing brand. The company had done no real marketing outreach and had relied almost solely on word of mouth and product performance in the few long-term client contracts they had managed to land.

And even though they signed up to work through the HubSpot platform, they set the account up for individual usage rather than team collaboration — so everyone on the team followed their own sales and marketing system that allowed for no real synergy or high-level campaign development and implementation. Many on the team also continued to use Salesforce, and data conversion between the two platforms only made the ongoing issues worse.

This ended up creating a total lack of automation within the business, and an utter void of consistency when it came to messaging, branding, sales, and marketing. No one had ownership of any one branding component, and results and progress reporting was practically nonexistent in any meaningful way.

The ClearPivot Solution: Data Cleanup and Systems Integration

ClearPivot stepped in to the mess and quickly began to clean house. Foremost, we worked with the company to make all its sales data, outreach processes, and analytics platforms centralized. We worked with them to set up a reporting methodology that made main KPIs clear and trackable, and workflows could be monitored end-to-end through every relevant channel.

Workflow automation was implemented, following industry best practices, with training provided for everyone on the team so all staff was in alignment with the new policies and procedures. These baseline processes got documented for future iterations, with comprehensive marketing campaigns able to be built in both Salesforce and HubSpot without causing further confusion and data disarray.

The Results

Thanks to ClearPivot, our client began to internally align around the full value its products were able to offer their customers. The website received a significant revamp and drove traffic to the sales team in an effective, trackable manner. Customer journeys were documented and could be followed from the very first touchpoint through to final sales, and customer workflows guided staff through the creation of fresh campaigns that continue to be refined for maximum impact and ROI.

Our client now enjoys a growing online reputation in its market, and is growing steadily each year, securing its place as an industry leader and customer preferred choice.