The key to pleasing Google and Bing is knowing what they look for, what they expect to see on a website, and what is required to be considered a trusted and authoritative website. Your page rankings, your website traffic, and possibly your business's success may all depend on how well you do with SEO. SEO plays such a huge role in online website success because a large portion of traffic can come from search engines alone.

SEO Audits

Finding a needle in a haystack

The first step in getting your website on the right track for SEO is to find out exactly where you stand, and we offer one of the most comprehensive SEO audits found online. With our audits we comb through your website, your industry, and your competitors to look for the following:

  • SWOT analysis of current site: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical/code factors, etc.
  • Keyword vertical research: traffic levels, competition levels, synonymous & neighboring keyword areas
  • Determine keyword/content roadmap for website moving forward, identifying most promising areas of focus
  • Determine most suitable off-page SEO strategies based on competitor link profiles
  • In-depth training on SEO audit findings and SEO best practices
  • Page-by-page content optimization based on keyword roadmap

A proper audit allows us to build an appropriate search optimization campaign that will encompass all of the necessary technical, content and user experience components, to make sure you are covered on every aspect on the SEO front.

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Steve Vinson We've been using ClearPivot and HubSpot for inbound marketing for more than a year, and they've gotten results! Previously, 76 percent of our referrals came from third party online referral sources. Now, that number has declined to only about 50 percent, and we're getting the difference and MORE through direct traffic and links in customized marketing products created by ClearPivot. And there you have it: they do what they say!

Steve Vinson

Senior Vice President For Communications

Magnolia Manor

Monthly SEO Packages

Building authority for your website requires significant time and effort when you include building content, keyword research, competitor research and tracking, and analysis every month. For this reason we offer monthly fixed-rate service packages through which we will provide all of the necessary work to contribute to your search rankings. The cumulative result of this is more traffic to your site, more qualified website visitors, increased conversions and higher lead quality.

All White Hat Activities

Unlike many companies, we strictly adhere to Google's webmaster policies to ensure your investment in SEO is well protected. You won't see keyword stuffing, article spinning, low quality content, or directory spamming. Our SEO activities are based on production of high-quality, remarkable content that demonstrate your company’s core competencies and build your authority naturally.

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Improving your website SEO ranking doesn't have to be a nightmare. ClearPivot has helped companies grow their site traffic for over a decade. Book a free 30-minute call with our teammate Ryan Wright, and get actionable insights that could change your community forever, even if we never work together.