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Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

checklist-flatDon’t touch that go-live button!

At least not yet.

You’ve labored over your new marketing campaign because your goal is perfection. The process has been long, and now you’re ready to release your campaign on the world. But wait.

Are you absolutely certain you haven’t missed something?

There is a lot to think about in order to craft a truly effective inbound campaign. Skipping a step could sabotage your work, turning your campaign into a dud. But fear not.

Our free Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist is a handy one-page tool that will keep you on the straight-and-narrow as you build each campaign. It guides you through 10 essential steps you need for every campaign, from identifying your campaign audience to measuring your results. For each task in our guide, you can track:

  • When it’s due.
  • Whether work is in progress yet.
  • When it’s completed.

See at a glance whether you’ve overlooked something, so you can fix it. Why wait? You’re probably working on a new campaign right now. Download our free Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist now, and you’ll be sure every campaign is truly ready to sell when you hit “go.”

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