Is a Business Case & Target Persona Development project right for your company?


Every company and its customers are different, and approaching marketing from a "one size fits all" angle leaves little room to attract the right customers and create a strategy tailored to your specific industry and market.

Business Case and Target Persona Development clearly defines the competitive advantage for companies, as well as the marketplace as a whole, and identifies the company's value proposition as it relates to the company's target audience. ClearPivot also defines the right brand voice to resonate with the target audience, meaning customers are inspired to act.

Additionally, Business Case and Target Persona Development identifies the best customers for the company, what and when they're likely to buy, their needs and pain points, and why they would be interested in doing business with the company.

Who's a good fit for ClearPivot's Business Case and Target Persona Development?

  • Companies who only know their audiences in the broadest terms, but not specifically who or where they are
  • Companies that need to shift away from broad "spray and pray" marketing to marketing focused on the exact wants and needs of their ideal target prospects
  • Companies that need an effective content strategy to connect with their target audiences

Who's not a good fit?

  • Companies who already have a good grasp of their target audience but struggle more with consistently executing an ongoing inbound marketing programme. These companies would be a better fit for one of ClearPivot's inbound marketing retainers.
  • Companies who are looking for fast fixes and quick tactics (ie. "Let's do Facebook") rather than building the foundation for a full go-to-market strategy.
  • Companies whose business is collapsing and are looking for some sort of last-ditch lifeline to save them. Target persona development is the initial roadmap for a long-term marketing implementation process, and companies in their death throes just don't have enough time available to them.

ClearPivot helps businesses identify key metrics, develop customer personas, identify both legal and industry risk, create a subject topography map to drive content, identify keywords, and develop a social conversations overview, which leads to a marketing program that is focused, targeted, and profitable.

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