Web Development Showcase

Sterling Academy website

Sterling Academy is an online high school and middle school. Their website had become significantly outdated both in terms of design and in technology. We redesigned and rebuilt their website on the HubSpot platform with the content restructured around Sterling's different target personas' needs, and built in mobile-responsive design on every piece of site content.



Signdealz is a fast-growing nationwide network of sign designers, fabricators and installers. They needed a vastly upgraded website to match their company's growth. ClearPivot built out a new website for Signdealz on the HubSpot platform, running an advanced visual layout with full responsive design built in.


The Rainmaker Group website

The Rainmaker Group specializes in sales selection, sales search and sales performance. They needed a new marketing presence built around their newly refocused client acquisition strategy. ClearPivot redeveloped the Rainmaker brand, redeveloped their website on the HubSpot platform, and produced a series of custom illustrations for them to visually communicate their value proposition to their prospects.


Smith Plastic Surgery website

Smith Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery practice and medspa located in Las Vegas. Their website was functioning extremely poorly, both in user experience and in lead generation. To improve their performance, ClearPivot did a full rebranding, an SEO audit, and a redevelopment of Smith Surgery's website in HubSpot, which resulted in a 1,900% increase in recorded inbound leads from the website.


Kaysun Corporation website

Kaysun Corporation is a custom plastic injection molding engineering and manufacturing company based in Wisconsin. Their website was aging quickly and was beginning to hold back their digital marketing, so they approached ClearPivot for a full redesign and redevelopment. We built out their new site on the HubSpot platform with a strong focus on lead generation through premium content download offers.


Explorer RV website

Explorer RV is an insurance agency focused primarily around providing insurance coverage for recreational vehicles. Their previous website was inadequate in demonstrating their company's professional image and in encouraging online quotes from prospects. We did a full content audit, re-organized their website information architecture, and custom-designed and developed a new website for them on the HubSpot platform.


United Incentives website

United Incentives is an incentive marketing company based in Philadelphia. They had grown far beyond the restrictions of their old website, and retained ClearPivot to do a full website redesign and redevelopment on HubSpot. The new website is fully mobile-responsive and includes custom features such as an interactive world map describing all the company's incentive travel locations.


Remote-Learner website

Remote-Learner is an e-learning technology company providing solutions for its clients built on the Moodle platform. ClearPivot did a full redesign and redevelopment of their website, building the content and structure of the site around Remote-Learner's four main target personas: executives, IT administrators, E-learning administrators, and instructors.


DesTech website

DesTech is an Ontario-based IT professional services and training firm. ClearPivot built them a new website running on a hybrid of WordPress and HubSpot, and building in advanced custom functionality such as publishing WordPress content directly from DesTech's internal database, and implementing API integrations between WordPress and HubSpot to enable true closed-loop marketing analytics.



AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is a mortgage lender primarily represented throughout the American Midwest and South. They brought in ClearPivot to do an SEO audit and full redevelopment of their website. Their new website from ClearPivot has resulted in a 270% increase in organic search traffic and a 175% increase in inbound leads from organic search traffic.


CWEF website

CWEF is a non-profit organization in China and Cambodia that provides healthcare and education aid to people in rural areas. ClearPivot redesigned and redeveloped the organization's website in WordPress. We also built out custom functionality in WordPress, including multi-currency e-commerce processing and integrating CWEF's e-commerce system with their CiviCRM system.


Master Plan Hearing Aid Co website

Master Plan Hearing Aid Co is a hearing diagnostics and hearing technology provider in Denver, CO. As their target audience became increasingly web-savvy, they knew they needed to upgrade to a new website if they wanted to continue to bring in business. ClearPivot built a new site on the HubSpot platform for Master Plan Hearing Aid that would educate their prospects and generate leads


Mey's Insurance Services website

Mey's Insurance Services is a provider of auto insurance, DMV services and other legal services in Los Angeles. Their former website had aged considerable and they knew they needed an upgrade. They retained ClearPivot to rebrand and redevelop their website on HubSpot.



Excalibur Healthcare is a provider of teleradiology and telehealth services to hospitals and clinics globally. They needed a website that projected a more professional image of their practice and generate more inbound leads for them. ClearPivot designed and developed a new site for them with a strong focus on top-of-the-funnel premium content offers to increase lead generation.


Clustrix website

Clustrix produces NewSQL databases for transactional big-data applications that can scale beyond the traditional size limitations of traditional SQL database structures. They were re-branding themselves as part of a big marketing push. ClearPivot implemented a custom visual theme and front-end functionality for the new site on the HubSpot platform.


KBMS Global website

KBMS Global is a company that specializes in government services, business consulting and more. Their previous website was extremely outdated and difficult to use, and they requested ClearPivot's help to build them a new site. We built a custom-designed new website for them using WordPress, incorporating an online contact form submission database, jQuery modules, multi-field page content, and more.


MetaComet website

MetaComet Systems produces royalty management software for a variety of industries. As they were revamping their website, they enlisted ClearPivot's help in designing the new website's look and feel, as well as developing the website's front-end code. Working together with SpyGlass, LLC, we designed a new site that looks great, is easy to use, and has a high lead generation rate.


Concordia International School Hanoi website

Concordia International School Hanoi is an international K-12 school in Hanoi, Vietnam with an American-based curriculum. In preparation for their school opening, Concordia requested ClearPivot's help in developing their official branding and website. In addition to designing their school logo, we also designed, developed and launched a full website for them, built on the SilverStripe content management system.


Answer Explanations website

We built AnswerExplanations.com a new WordPress-powered website with membership subscription e-commerce functionality — site visitors can purchase one year of access to either a single piece of premium content, or they can purchase one year of sitewide access. We also built in additional security features to detect and lock out user logins if they are used on too many IP address, in order to reduce the potential for user login fraud.


NECA website

NECA Inc is a philanthropic trade association for the petrochemical industry. They requested our help in redesigning and redeveloping their website. We built them a new WordPress-powered website with custom e-commerce functionality to enable online event ticket purchasing, membership account management with membership fees payment, and accompanying transaction and membership logs for site administrators.


Monkey Puzzle Press website

Monkey Puzzle Press is an independent publishing company based in Boulder, Colorado. They had grown from a university student's c literary journal into a full publishing enterprise, and they needed to upgrade their website to match their growing business.  We worked with them to build a custom WordPress-powered website where they could display all their published books, magazines, blog entries, merchandise and more.


Your Rancher website

Dakota Farms wanted to build a consumer-facing website with information about the families on the ranches that produce their meat products, along with recipe and cooking information for bison and beef. We built them a custom-themed site using the Drupal content management system, allowing the company employees to easily update and manage the website pages and content.


Curt Hansen website

Curt Hansen is an accomplished TV and Broadway actor who needed a website to accompany his growing fame. We built him a custom-themed WordPress website, including a "magazine-format" homepage, photo galleries, Twitter integration, a blog, embedded video and more.


Cavendish Scott website

Cavendish Scott, Inc. is a Denver-based ISO management system consulting, auditing and training organization. For years they had been using an outdated website, and they hired us to redo it. We did a top-to-bottom redesign of the website, including an overhaul of the site's information architecture, a visual redesign and a complete re-coding, as well as adding in new features such as auto-populating web forms, external API integration and staff blogs.


Varatys, a Berkshire Hathaway company, makes software tools for interior design visualization. As part of a corporate rebranding, they needed a new website. We built their new site on the HubSpot platform and built in custom web fonts through Typekit, thus breaking the site free from the barriers of the traditional "web-safe" fonts.