How The Spencer James Group Grew Website Traffic by 350% with ClearPivot

For some businesses, web traffic is everything. One of our clients, The Spencer James Group, is an executive search firm that relies on website visitors for its very survival. In this case study, we’ll look at how we worked with them over a three-year period to achieve a gain of over 350% in monthly page views. 

The Client

spencer-james-group-logoThe Spencer James Group is an executive search firm that works with companies and job-seekers across the country in the insurance and commercial banking industries. For years, their “bread and butter” marketing tool has been an annual compensation survey usually released in April.

The Spencer James Group has partnered with ClearPivot for some time now, initially on some small projects, then a website redevelopment project, and then followed by ongoing inbound marketing retainer services. Let’s take a closer look at how our work together produced some incredible traffic results. 

The Challenge

The client wanted to grow their business, but they were also anxious to wean themselves from reliance on cold-calling databases to find new clients. They suspected that modern inbound marketing, with their high-level targeting capabilities, could be a key driver in this growth.

The Solution

Because ClearPivot was already familiar with Spencer James Group's business model, our team was able to readily devise a multi-prong approach to reach the client’s goals. We set the following three goals:

  • Increasing brand awareness among two distinct audiences (employers and job-seekers).
  • Increasing visibility.
  • Increasing leads generated.

ClearPivot implemented content marketing best practices, including carefully-planned, SEO-friendly website content. We chose three tactics to achieve these goals:

  • Writing and publishing blog articles every month, focusing on content centered around hiring practices for both audiences how to find the right job, how to find the right candidates, prospect screening tips, and so on. 
  • Daily social media updates for LinkedIn  company pages and also personal profiles for the company's key employees. Social media posts focus primarily on advice and industry news regarding hiring and recruiting.
  • Producing premium content for instance, eBooks and infographics for companies about how to use a recruiter, and an interactive worksheet that delineates the costs associated with hiring.

The Results

The results for the client have proven themselves with a 350% increase in monthly pageviews from January 2016 to January 2019. This comes out to 39,000 new users on the website and over 99,000 total pageviews over this 3-year period in total.


The Spencer James Group is extremely happy with their work with ClearPivot. Yvonne Faulkner, Director of Marketing and Operations for The Spencer James Group, says that in addition to such great results, she enjoys having a consistent relationship with ClearPivot. “Pricing is structured and goals and milestones are mapped out clearly,” she notes. “They offer transparency, a dedicated staff and great reporting tools. We hope to continue our relationship for many years to come!”


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