SEO Rescue Mission for a Human Resources Company


Recently a human resources consulting company* engaged our help with a severe problem they were having. Their organic search traffic was plummeting: traffic had been dropping an average of 25% month-over-month for the previous six months. Something needed to be done.

We began our engagement with an initial discovery phase identifying their target personas, demographics and value proposition, and establishing clear marketing objectives based on that. With that accomplished, we performed a full SEO audit for the company and their website, examining the search traffic and competition levels around their target service areas, as well as identifying and incorporating high-potential neighboring and synonymous keyword areas, in order to build out an effective keyword strategy moving forward. The next step was to perform a full analysis of the on-site SEO situation of their current website, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. At the completion of our audit, we had assembled a page-by-page SEO roadmap for the website, including content and keyword optimizations, web page code improvements, and the removal of search stumbling blocks such as broken links and crawl errors.

On many pages of the site, refining and honing the existing content was sufficient; however, some pages required more than that. For these pages we produced custom, from-scratch copywriting — 10 pages in total. This brought several benefits: the production of more substantial, long-form content on the site pages brought the pages in line with search engine best practices following the recent search engine algorithm changes. The improved copywriting also improves the user experience and more effectively explains the company's unique value proposition to their site visitors, thus increasing visitor engagement and the visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

Our engagement with this client brought in excellent results. We began working with the client in July 2012, and almost immediately, their organic search traffic stopped dropping. Three months after we began our engagement with them, this company's organic search traffic was up 61%. The company is now on their way to a full recovery as a result of our work together. Mission accomplished!


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*client name withheld to uphold their privacy