Online High School sees 220% organic lead generation increase

If you have read any of our previous case studies you will have noticed the results that an Inbound Marketing Retainer can produce for a company. This case study is another example. For this client we focused on organic search and social media sources. In the end, the payoff was phenomenal.

The Challenge

The company had recently completed an SEO audit with us and was looking for a comprehensive internet marketing company to work with them. Previously they had been working with an overseas “lead generation” company that was returning more spam leads than potential prospects. In order for them to be successful and ultimately turn a profit, they turned to ClearPivot for help.

work-1001043_640.jpgThe Solution

Our previous engagement with the client provided insight into updates that the client severely needed for their marketing and overall site structure. However, when starting any engagement, the ClearPivot team takes our time to connect with the client and understand what is happening with their company. It was through the initial interviews that we determined the solution for this client would be a cohesive Inbound Marketing Retainer. The retainer package prescribed for this client included the following:

  • Daily Social Media Posting
  • Weekly Blog Article Production
  • Bi-Monthly Email Campaigns
  • Ongoing PPC Campaigns
  • Landing Page Production

Before working with ClearPivot, the client only generated traffic and leads through pay-per click advertising. Through our retainer, ClearPivot sought to supplement the client’s PPC traffic with content production and inbound marketing techniques. While all major metrics in the campaign were a success, this case study focuses specifically on the organic search traffic generation and social media growth.

Organic traffic growth occurred within six months of starting the retainer; the social media growth, however, took a little more work. After monitoring the retainer results from the first six months, ClearPivot realized that social media was a more high-performing channel than bi-monthly email campaigns. At this point ClearPivot made adjustments to reduce the email campaigns and focus on organic growth through content production and social media growth through Facebook advertising. This lead to the phenomenal social media growth highlighted below.

The Results

Organic search traffic increased significantly, going from an average of 580 visits a month to 976 visits a month. This translates to a 68% increase in organic traffic through a 13 month engagement, with noticeable results within the first 5 months. The client also realized a significant increase in lead generation. For the year before starting the inbound marketing retainer the client averaged 5 organic search leads a month. During the course of our retainer work with them, organic search leads increased from 5 per month to an average of 16 per month. The client thus saw a 220% increase in organic lead generation, with a peak of 27 leads generated in one month.

Next, let’s look at social media results. Before the client had engaged ClearPivot they had artificially purchased over 200 Facebook “fans,” which were delivering zero results for them. ClearPivot realized that there was an untapped audience that could be reached by pairing their organic social content with Facebook ads. During the seven months that ClearPivot ran Facebook ad campaigns for the client, website traffic from Facebook grew enormously, going from 12 visits per month to an average of 420 visits per month. This in turn led to growing from zero social media leads to an average of 14 new social media leads per month. By targeting a highly defined online audience, our client saw an increase in their reach, an increase in traffic, and an increase in qualified leads. All of this came together to form one of the most impressive parts of the retainer.

This client is a perfect example of how an inbound marketing retainer can bring in both qualified traffic and leads to a company through multiple sources. These two areas helped to lead the client to an overall 129% increase in total traffic and a 104% increase in leads. Our team feels extremely satisfied with the results, and we are proud to call this  an extremely successful inbound marketing retainer.

 Key Stats

  • 68% increase in organic search traffic
  • 220% increase in organic search lead generation
  • 129% increase in total traffic
  • 104% increase in leads

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