Kaysun Corporation HubSpot Website Development

A 203% increase in lead generation will put a smile on any marketer’s face. This is in fact exactly what happened to the protagonist of this ClearPivot success story.

Kaysun Corporation is a custom plastics injection molding company that also provides complex engineering solutions for their customers. In their words, they turn “seemingly impossible challenges into manufacturing success stories.” But they had a challenge of their own – a marketing challenge.


Their website was literally “turn of the century” – more than ten years old, not well structured to begin with and suffering from an increase of content added over the years that stretched beyond the site’s original structure and degraded the site’s value and usability. Kaysun knew they needed a new web presence, and they knew they also needed mobile-friendly responsive design, something they did not have before. In short, they wanted a website that would be modern and provide a better experience, to increase lead generation and conversions.

The Plan

Kaysun chose ClearPivot for their hubspot website development. The old website was built using the HubSpot Classic CMS, but ClearPivot chose to redevelop the site in the upgraded HubSpot COS. ClearPivot began work shortly after the beginning of this year, and the new site was launched in March.

First, ClearPivot conducted a site map review, to determine how to organize and structure the new site. The ClearPivot team added content, deleted content, combined and rearranged content, and wrapped it all up in a new information architecture based around the content needs of Kaysun’s prospective customers.

Next, the ClearPivot team constructed wireframes – black and white sketches of what the new website would look like. After planning out the wireframes, the ClearPivot team moved on to full-color design mockup planning. Then the last step was the actual coding and build-out of the new live website. After testing of a variety of options, product visuals were constructed in a “cutout” visual style.

Calls to action buttons (CTAs) received special attention. In addition to upgraded design that complemented the website’s new look, the placements or the CTAs were changed. CTAs on the previous website were essentially stacked on top of one another on a few individual pages, but now they are spread throughout the website, paired with complementary subject matter, so that the content of each CTA is a natural extension of the content of the page that the CTA is on. That way visitors can easily find additional information related to the information they were browsing on the site and share their information with Kaysun.

An Immediate Improvement

ClearPivot launched the new site in March 2014, and the results were immediate. Kaysun serves a global clientele, so a website capable of driving significant lead generation is crucial for their growth. The “before and after” change they noted from their website redevelopment was nothing short of stunning  a 203% increase in average net new leads generated per month in the four months following the new site’s launch, compared to the four months before the launch.


Key Stat

  • 203% increase in lead generation

Not only is this a tremendous improvement, it happened almost overnight. And it’s easy to attribute directly to Kaysun’s website redevelopment. The company’s SEO was not problematic to begin with, and after the redesign, their website traffic remained about the same. The site was getting the same raw number of visitors each month, but now those visitors were converting into sales leads at double their previous rate. This is especially telling, because lead generation conversions are not at the mercy of search engine algorithms; they’re purely driven by the website content, design and structure itself. That means ClearPivot was able to have more direct control over how well the Kaysun site performs.

Thanks to ClearPivot’s HubSpot COS website redevelopment, Kaysun is now in a position to exert that control and enjoy the benefits of far greater lead generation and conversion rates.

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