Electrical Component Manufacturer Increases Lead Generation 788%

It’s amazing what rethinking your existing assets can do to boost lead generation. We all know that digital marketing is not a set-and-forget exercise, yet sometimes B2B marketers aren’t sure what they should change to improve online results.

Here’s an example that may prove instructive for your own marketing. The company in our example is a manufacturer of electrical components.

electrical manufacturer lead generationThe challenge

The company’s* lead generation was not meeting expectations. In fact, they weren’t getting many responses at all from their website or other assets. They were stuck going to the same trade shows and publishing the same print advertising every year and wondering why they seemed to just be spinning their wheels.

They turned to ClearPivot for help.

The solution

First, our ClearPivot team analyzed the website in detail. We noted two main things:

The first thing we found was that the technical SEO setup of the site was dreadful: page titles were repeated, headlines were generic, and URLs were focused on branded keywords rather than descriptive keywords. Furthermore, the on-page content structure suffered from poor HTML markup that severely impeded correct machine processing of the page content.

The other thing that stood out were that a handful of site pages were getting enormous traffic, even though the rest were not. Just 3 or 4 of the website’s pages were generating 80% of total traffic, and doing this consistently. These were not product pages, but informational pages with diagrams and educational material about current and voltage, and other traits of electrical components. People were visiting the website, getting the detailed information they wanted, and leaving. The bounce rate on those pages was about 90%.

We recommended that the client do more to capitalize on their assets and situation, in three ways:

  • Map out and execute a full overhaul of their web page technical SEO factors: on-page markup, page titles, headlines, and URLs
  • Retain the educational content on the high-traffic pages to take advantage of their large amounts of existing website traffic
  • Build out targeted offers and calls-to-action on key website pages to improve conversions

To start capturing conversions, we recommended taking their most popular "educational" pages and repurposing their popular informational pages into downloadable PDFs. We recognized that much of this content was being used by technicians at onsite electrical installations, so we know offering a handy reference sheet would be very useful.

Our ClearPivot team created new call-to-action buttons that urged site visitors to “download the free printable reference guide.” We then placed these buttons on the 3-4 educational pages. Clicking on this lead to a landing page with a short form the visitor could fill out, enabling the client to capture their email address in exchange for giving them the downloadable guide.

ClearPivot continued to work with the company for about two years, through an inbound marketing retainer. During that time, we:

  • Systematically evaluated all existing content and repaired SEO details as needed.
  • Researched keyword traffic to find the best words and phrases to target.
  • Re-structured various elements of individual pages to focus on those keywords.
  • Implemented the conversion strategy discussed above, in addition to setting up additional bottom-of-the-funnel conversion points as well.
  • Worked with the client to better connect their CRM and their marketing tools, and to improve the hand-off between marketing and sales so that valuable leads don't fall through the cracks.
  • Coached the client on how to be more strategic in the future when developing new content for their website.

Astounding results

Comparing results the company was achieving in April 2013 to their results in February 2015, the client earned:

  • 97% increase in website visitors. Their traffic doubled.
  • 788% increase in new monthly contacts (leads per month). They had more leads per month than they could keep up with, and their email database was growing at an astounding rate.


When this client first came to ClearPivot, their website was bringing in only 10 to 14 leads a month. Since implementing our recommended website improvements, the client is attracting 100 new top-of-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel contacts per month. This is a great case study on how not every marketing turnaround requires a "from-scratch" overhaul — sometimes the most effective results can come from looking at your current assets and analytics, and pushing, pulling and prodding your existing content until it shines can sometimes bring massive results.

New call-to-action

*client name withheld to uphold their privacy