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buyers-journey-graphic.jpgConsider your customers or clients. Each of them takes a bit of a journey before they buy from you: they become aware of a problem or goal but aren’t exactly sure what the problem is or what they need to solve it. They perform some research online, either online or inquiring with others.

They then define their problem/goal and give it a name (the Awareness stage). They perform some more research, looking for solutions or ways of solving the problem or reaching their goal (the Consideration stage).

Finally, they decide how they’re going to overcome the problem/meet the goal and what tools or services they will use to do so (the Decision stage). This is when they buy.

This is called the buyer’s journey.

Define Your Personas, Then Define Their Journey

You can’t understand your prospects’ buyer’s journeys unless you know exactly who your buyers are. Via research, interviews and a survey of your target audience, as well as interviewing both your perfect and “not-so-perfect” current customers, you collect both quantitative as well as qualitative data to discover the traits of your best prospects.

Once you’ve defined your ideal buyer persona, then you can document the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stage of their buyer’s journey.

Create Personas and Buyers’ Journeys with Our Free Templates                                                     

Our downloadable persona templates allow you to create personas of your perfect customers with fill-in-the-blank ease. All the sections of a persona are laid out for you, including:

  • A place to upload a photo of your persona.
  • Sections to fill in on your ideal customer’s Background, Demographics, Role and Responsibilities, Goals, Challenges, How We Help, Common Objections, and more.
  • We also provide a sample persona as well as explain why these are important in order to understand the buyer’s journey.

The accompanying buyer’s journey template allows you to fill out the steps of your persona’s journey to purchases, including:

  • What type of content to provide a prospect during which stage.
  • Which marketing channels (social media, paid search, e-mail, workshops, etc.) are best to use during each stage.
  • What objections your prospects may have during each stage.
  • And more.

Download our free buyer persona template and buyer’s journey template now, and get started on finding new insights for your company.

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