Which Marketing Agency is Best for Your Plastic Surgery Practice?

rawpixel-com-570912-unsplashWith so many choices, it can be difficult and time consuming to identify potential marketing partners. It is important to select an agency that has a proven track record with healthcare providers focused on aesthetics. Finding a team that blends well with your practice’s culture is essential. While every partnership needs time to take shape, starting with an experienced team who has been successful with similar clients is a great place to start.

To help you find the best digital marketing agency for your plastic surgery practice, we have compiled a list of outstanding candidates who specialize in marketing services for healthcare providers. Take a look.

Strategic Edge

While Strategic Edge is wholly focused on medical marketing, their services span far and wide. From logo redesign to event planning and promotion, they deliver both print and digital assets. They provide a full-service experience for healthcare providers and medical equipment manufacturers.

President and CEO Dana Fox leads a team of a dozen or more creative professionals and touts herself as a problem-solver. Her team understands providers’ frustrations, patients’ demands, and what suppliers need to do to get in the door. Their core services include: branding, website design, creative service, search strategies, monthly marketing, practice consulting, event promotion, and loyalty programs.

Established in 2007, Seattle-based Strategic Edge provides “everything you need to build a competitive brand in your marketplace.” You can find their website at

NKP Medical Marketing

NKP projects a straight-forward aggressive image, providing a wide range of digital marketing services to healthcare providers all over the world. Beginning with their 8-point pledge to deliver fast and furious results, to their extensive list of services, NKP’s team of 30+ clearly has the combined knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Founded by his brother David in 2004, Los Angeles-based NKP is now under the capable leadership of Paul Phillips, a Harvard MBA and entrepreneur with many stories of success. Demonstrating their focus on digital lead generation and conversion, NKP core services include: responsive website design and management, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, reputation management, consulting, domain management, mobile, micro, and patient referral websites, and a custom-built treatment planner. You can visit their website at

Turbo Medical Marketing

From the first glance at their home page, Turbo Medical Marketing makes it clear that they specialize in marketing for aesthetic practices. Breaking their process down to acquire, convert, and retain, they provide proof of their expertise with their numerous portfolio samples and case studies. They have even been recognized recently as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Marketing Blogs on the web for aesthetic marketing by FeedSpot.

President and CEO Matthew Arndt founded Turbo Medical Marketing in 2009 to provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies that deliver consistent results and ROI. He leads a small team of marketing professionals from Turbo Medical Marketing headquarters in Orange County, California with an additional location in Charleston, South Carolina. They offer a full range of marketing services including: responsive web development, SEO, content marketing, online advertising, social media management, email marketing, and video marketing as well as software solutions such as before and after photo gallery, MagicRating patient review software, and sticky mobile footer software. You can find their website at


When it comes to delivering exceptional inbound marketing results for aesthetic healthcare providers, ClearPivot is a leading contender. Founded by Principal Chris Strom in 2009, ClearPivot’s mission is to transform healthcare Marketing Directors into heroes. ClearPivot implements full-stack marketing programmes that attract, convert, close, and delight patients, their focus is to build and execute marketing strategies that employ the combined knowledge and experience of each client partnership. They understand that by keeping the lines of communication open, the data-backed guidance flowing, and accountability ever-present, they help plastic surgery practices grow and maximize their ROI.

As a HubSpot-certified agency partner, ClearPivot offers clients the advantages of a fully-integrated inbound marketing platform that enables them to monitor the progress of their automated marketing campaigns in real-time. ClearPivot has documented their clients’ progress with them in a series of case studies, which you can see here:

Ready to go?

If you are trying to do it all yourself, now could be right time to partner up with a marketing agency. There are so many decisions to make, it is almost impossible to keep up on emerging marketing trends and technologies, develop and publish content, and still hold down the fort. By bringing in an experienced digital marketing agency that gets what you do, you can achieve a lot more than if you continued doing it all yourself.

ClearPivot has been helping plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, medspas, and other healthcare providers for several years. Because they have achieved remarkable results for clients in this industry, they have chosen to capitalize on their success by focusing on serving this niche. If you would like to know more about how ClearPivot could help your plastic surgery firm achieve your growth objectives, contact us today.

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