[VIDEO] What's the difference between accounts, properties, and views in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is powerful but it can be extremely overwhelming. There's segments, filters, properties, channels, dimensions, and more. In this video, Chris explains the difference and relationship between the three main breakdowns of Google Analytics data: Accounts, Properties, and Views.


What's up, people? It's Chris again back on the Snap for a little bit here. It's been a while.

We've been digging into some Google Analytics recently for some clients and for ourselves, and I realized it's a really confusing program. But it's really powerful and you can get a lot of great insights about what's going on with your website or an app for that matter, so you need to know it.

I'll share one little tidbit of one particular thing in Google Analytics for you guys to take note of and that is accounts, properties, and views. The account is the account, you know, your master level account for your company. Inside your account, you can have multiple properties and inside the properties you can have multiple views.

You'll only need one account most likely for your company. Inside the account you might need multiple properties, though. If you have multiple websites, you'll want to have a separate property for each, or maybe a YouTube channel, or even a mobile app. Each of those things can be a separate property so you can track then individually.

The views are different ways of filtering the data from one property. For instance, maybe you have one view with all of the, all of the user data coming in. Maybe you have one view that's just showing visitors from the US. Maybe you set up a view where you filter out your own IP address, so you're not throwing off the traffic with your own visits to the site. Or maybe you set up a view where you're filtering out a lot of spam traffic you're seeing coming in and you don't want that throwing off your data.

So, to recap: you have one account, you can put multiple properties or multiple sites inside that account, and then in each property you can have multiple filtered views.

So that is your Google Analytics tidbit for the day. I bet you didn't know that before, right?

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