What is a CRM and What is its Purpose for Medical Device Manufacturers?

You Cannot Have One Without the Other

Ah, CRM. It’s one of the most common acronyms used by sales and marketing professionals these days. But are we talking about Customer Relationship Management, or Customer Relationship Marketing? The truth is, you can’t have one without the other – at least, not if you want to grow your medical device manufacturing business.

You can’t attract attention to your brand or your specific products, or expect to keep prospects interested, without “catchy” content. You can’t track your content’s performance or engage with individual leads, without the right tools. That’s why we speak of CRM in two somewhat different but equally important ways.

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How Medical Device Manufacturers Can Improve Their Lead Generation

Differentiation Among the Masses

To sell your medical devices, you have to introduce them – and your company – to prospective buyers. Sounds simple, but selling successfully in your highly competitive marketplace requires well-honed, strategic effort.

Thanks to an aging population and advances in medical science and technology, there is greater need for a wider array of medical devices than ever. That’s good news, but it also means you face ever-tougher completion. Standing out in today’s cluttered marketplace is critical. To do that you must pivot from relying on traditional, old-style marketing strategies to focusing on newer, more effective medical device marketing strategies.

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How to Use Facebook for Medical Device Marketing

Facebook is Still a Powerful Tool

Why Facebook? Your company manufactures medical equipment, so at first glance it may seem that Facebook would be a poor fit as a marketing tool. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you really can’t expect to improve your brand’s visibility, sell your products, and grow your company without a strong Facebook presence.

Physicians, dentists, clinic managers, hospital department heads and procurement managers, even distributors who might rep your products – they are all marketing targets for medical device manufacturers. And you can reach all of them on Facebook. You can build brand awareness, brand trust, and brand advocates.

Sounds great, right? But how can you reap all those benefits?

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How to Use HubSpot for Medical Device Marketing

A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Successfully marketing the medical equipment your company makes requires a multi-pronged approach – using a variety of formats and channels to reach each of your key target audiences. The complexity can quickly overwhelm you. Technology is crucial, to streamline processes and ensure content is published on time, in the right place. But you need the right tool to do the job well – and as effortlessly as possible.

The HubSpot platform has long been the go-to solution for companies across virtually all sectors that want to maximize results and ROI from their digital marketing. For medical device marketing, HubSpot is ideal for reaching out to prospects, nurturing them as leads, converting them to buyers, and keeping your company top-of-mind with them in the future to encourage repeat sales.

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