Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgery Practices

Remember when you could use billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, radio spots, and TV commercials to attract new patients? While those tools are still available, they are not nearly as efficient or cost effective as digital marketing. Instead of broadcasting your doctor’s qualifications, available procedures, and location information, we first seek to understand the perspective of our ideal patient and offer information about the topics that interest them.

Once we have attracted their attention, we begin the process of converting them from a casual visitor to a qualified lead by delivering a series of engaging, high-interest content pieces that help cultivate a relationship and guide them to the point of decision. Even after leads become patients, we stay in touch by continuing to offer informational and educational information related to their interest areas, which increases the likelihood that they will come back again or refer us to other patients.  

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Each Step of the Digital Marketing Process


Businessman using his tablet pc against blurred new york street.jpegUnlike the traditional marketing methods of the past, digital marketing attracts prospects by approaching them where they are. To be successful, we need to understand the perspective of our prospects. We need answers to these and other questions:

  • How old are they?
  • What are their family situations?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What keeps them up at night?

Using these and other personal details, we develop personas, which are like the characters in your favorite TV show, that represent your ideal patient. We build our marketing strategy around these personas and customize our marketing messages according to their needs and desires.

The Attraction stage of digital marketing is what connects us to our ideal patients.


Attracting prospects is only the beginning. Once we have their attention, we need to stay engaged. We will publish numerous pieces of content through a variety of channels to provide them with educational information that directly addresses their concerns. Some examples may include:

  • social media ad with a link to an infographic about skin care tips
  • A blog post that explains a procedure
  • An e-book on selecting a plastic surgeon
  • A video about different types of facelifts

By delivering informational – not sales-oriented – content tailored for our personas, we build trust and demonstrate our knowledge and expertise. This extended olive branch of information is what guides our ideal patients to come to us as thought leaders. Our visitors are now willing to provide contact details and specify their interests. During the Convert state of digital marketing, a visitor becomes a qualified lead.


Now that we have developed a rapport with our ideal patients and they have provided contact details, we can address their needs more directly. By providing decision-focused content, we guide them to choose our plastic surgery practice for their desired procedures. What type of content does that? Here are a few examples:

  • A sequence of emails that explain the desired procedure, the surgeon’s credentials, before and after photos, video testimonials, and finance options.
  • An eBook about the procedure detailing the potential benefits, prep for the procedure, what happens during the procedure, recovery details, scarring, and the surgeon’s bio.
  • An eBook about our plastic surgery practice containing details about the staff, years established, the range of procedures you offer and pricing, location, nearby lodging and services, and finance options.

This level of content is specifically designed to tip the scales in our favor. Because we have established a rapport and trust with the lead in the earlier stages of digital marketing, during the Close stage, we have a high rate of success negotiating a sale.


During the Delight stage of digital marketing, we try to expand upon our success by asking our patients how things went. We encourage them to provide feedback, particularly on third-party review sites, provide referrals and testimonials. We invite them to participate in special events, present special offers and keep them up-to-date with informational content designed for their personas.

Digital Marketing and You

Does your marketing strategy attract patients to you? Are you growing as fast as you’d like to? Have you become a recognized thought-leader in your specialty area? In your geographic area?

Chances are, you could be doing better. digital marketing is so effective that the cost of patient acquisition is typically a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing or even a digital marketing program that focuses on spreading the word about your practice.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of how digital marketing could help you meet and exceed your financial goals, reach out to a ClearPivot, a digital marketing agency that has demonstrated success in helping plastic surgery practices.

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