Case Study: Infographic production for Southern Surgical Arts

As marketers, it is often difficult to know whether a particular strategy is worth the effort until you give it a try. Visual content can often be well worth the effort as the statistics from this infographic from OneSpot indicate:

  • Color images increase willingness to read by 80%
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Only 20% of text is remembered

For our client, Southern Surgical Arts, we hoped to use a visual infographic to educate their potential patients about the different types of face lift options and their scar patterns.

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are many differences in what a face lift includes in today's standards and historical standards. There is no definitive word or phrase to identify the breadth of options available which makes each face lift different, which makes them difficult to compare. We wanted to help our patients understand our description of the traditional, mini, and cosmetic face lift differences in a visual way so they could see the impact of the results and scar patterns. We also hoped this would provide each patient with important points to discuss with potential surgeons they may be contacting to perform the procedure.

In our design, our artist illustrated a woman's face along with arrows showing the lift direction, dotted lines detailing the scar patterns and text to describe the differences between the three common face lifts which are performed. The arrows help identify how the cosmetic lift includes neck areas in additional to the cheek area. The scar patterns highlight the lack of the chin scar with a cosmetic lift versus a traditional lift. This useful information can be a discussion point with the surgeon to help address the desired outcome of a face lift.

Our blog article containing the infographic, Recapturing Your Youth: Face Lift Techniques in the 21st Century, was first published on June 4, 2014 and has received 154 views, with almost half of the traffic coming from organic search. We also used our infographic in an email campaign in October of 2014 sent to 114 contacts with a 21.9% open rate and a 36% click-through rate. Most importantly, the infographic is used as a consultation aide during the prospective patient consult process. The Southern Surgical Arts' staff find the infographic an exceedingly useful tool for patients to demonstrate the results of different types of face lifts. In addition to the digital copies of the infographic, they also display printed copies of the infographic in their office and find it helps patients make face lift procedure decisions.

This infographic, along with others we have created for the client, have proven invaluable in consulting with prospects and helping them convert patients to a positive decision. As a marketing strategy for Southern Surgical Arts it is valuable and we plan to proceed with more infographics in the future.





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