Producing A Compelling Landing Page With Effective Content

Any day we can search the Internet for lots of resources for the information we are seeking. This can make it difficult to create compelling content for landing pages that really stands out from the crowd. This week we will provide a few tips on how to generate compelling content, which can make your landing page rise above the rest of the competing content which is readily available online. We will first define what content is, and then look at four different ways to help content for landing pages become unique works which people will be interested in opting into.

Content CreationWHAT IS CONTENT?

Landing pages are the gateway to great content. Content can be a multitude of things. There are white papers, infographics, case studies, resource kits and research reports to name a few. Content can be a collection of a few written articles or a hundred pages long. What it boils down to is that content is something which a person can use to further their knowledge or ability in a certain area. It is all up to the content creator to decide what the content will be, and what format will best fit the target audience that the creator is seeking to reach with that content.


This year as a company we have spent time creating content which is niche-specific. Niche-specific content is a great way to draw in people in those niches or industries that your company is marketing towards. A niche could be something like a case study on marketing ROI for management consulting companies, or a white paper on the latest trends in online marketing for plumbing companies. This can be especially effective if the niche you are marketing towards does not have an abundance of quality content related to what your industry does for their business. Targeted landing pages focused on niche content are a fantastic way to generate new leads.


As we have stated before, there is content everywhere online. Another way to draw someone in to a landing page is through presenting the page content in a way that is different from what they have ever seen before. Whether it is small business marketing from a large business perspective or a new concept completely, such as using a consultant marketing technique for a local business, presenting content in a way a person has never seen before will make for a highly effective landing page.


What is unique? Very much like marketing niche content, every company has their own unique expertise, their own specific knowledge, and their own personality. If utilized correctly, this unique company persona allows each business to be different from every other business out there — meaning they can essentially create one-of-a-kind content.  Whether it is sharing that all important “trade secret” or putting a personal flair to it (such as industry-specific, gender-specific or age-specific content) being unique will help not only have the chance to draw in more people in general, but more specifically to draw in those people with the exact needs and desires that the company is looking to connect with.


Though the Internet is filled with lots of content, much of that is content which is either produced at an amateur first-grade level, or content which seems to require an advanced degree to decipher. You want to shoot for the middle ground: producing content that is advanced enough to bring education and expertise to your audience, while still keeping it approachable and inviting. We are big advocates for helping customers understand more about the information they are seeking and doing this through landing page content, which is typically information they are already seeking, is about as good as it gets.

These four areas of focus on your content each are great strategies to create a compelling landing page. It is all up to the individual or business to choose which will fit their target audience the best. Is there another strategy you employ when planning the content for your landing pages that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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