Landing Pages in Inbound Marketing

In order to generate sales leads from your website, you need to have a way to collect visitor information in order to contact them. This is the most crucial point of your marketing process: converting people from visitors on your website into bona fide leads! The visitor information needed can be as simple as an email address, to as complex as job title, industry, company size, location, etc. This is done through website forms, typically presented to us on what are called "landing pages." They are called "landing pages" because their intent is for those pages to be the final "landing spot" of website visitors during the course of their browsing on your website. Landing pages can take many different sizes, forms, and purposes.

Landing Pages in Inbound MarketingOver the next few weeks we will look at three different aspects of landing pages. In these three topics we will show how landing pages on a website are integral for any business or other website owner.


The Internet is the king of content distribution. Whatever a person wants they can usually find through a simple Google search or Bing search. What is important is the content people are offered by filling out a form on a landing page. The content should be beneficial and enticing. We live in a give and take society. Why should the visitor give you their information? So the content must be worth the information provided. This could be relevant market research on their industry, free guides to more effectively run their businesses, or a how-to on setting up a company to use new software — the possibilities are endless. 


Since the Internet is such a wide area filled with information, it is also full of good and bad visual design. Visual design on a landing page is something which should not be overlooked. Landing pages should be highly visually appealing and enticing. Who wants to share their information with a company who looked like their website was made over the weekend on an old copy of Microsoft FrontPage? When we reach this article in the series we will look at the visual design measures a landing page can take in order to help the page stand out above the rest. We will see how this design aspect will also encourage viewers to opt-in to the content which the landing page is offering.


Finally we look at traffic. This is key for any website. It pertains even more so to landing pages. The more traffic your landing pages receive, the more sales leads you will get. This typically comes through people seeing the landing pages on relevant sites and posts. Wanting more information they seek out the landing page. This traffic is documented through the landing page where the information is submitted. This information helps a company generate the leads we have talked about.

In the end we hope to bring about an awareness of how crucial landing pages are not only for every business website. If you have had success with your landing pages we would love to hear about those! Also, if you have any questions you would like answered or topics covered through the series, simply comment below and we will seek to answer them in the best way possible.

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