Online Marketing for B2B Consulting Companies: Linkedin

We hope you have enjoyed the topics we have covered so far in our series on online marketing for B2B consulting companies. This week could possibly be the topic we are most excited about. When planning out this series we came to a realization: LinkedIn can be a gold mine for consulting firms.

LinkedinIn this article we'll cover some of the most important parts of LinkedIn to focus on. Each of these topics we will cover are areas where we ourselves have seen ROI for our own company. We will look at how being involved in Linkedin Answers, Linkedin Groups, and Linkedin Discussions can generate leads for a B2B consulting company.


LinkedIn is home to some of the best professionals in the game. However, even professionals have questions at times. Linkedin has a great section of its site dedicated to sharing answers for questions which are stumping even the best of professionals. A consulting company has several opportunities a day to offer their expert analysis on questions in their core area of expertise. Offering an expert opinion can be the door to many opportunities. With Linkedin Answers a company can even gain recognition as an expert in their field, building reputation as being a highly knowledgeable consulting firm.


With Linkedin there are groups for everything. Joining professional groups can help you connect with other professionals, stay abreast of latest industry happenings, and even generate sales leads. When a consulting firm can not service a client properly they will look for members of the groups they are in to assist. This is particularly true if the company (or individuals working for the company) have spent time demonstrating their expertise through their interactions in the group.


Utilizing the discussions area of Linkedin Groups is one of the best ways for a B2B consultancy can get their name out there. There are many different places a company's employees can post comments to show their expertise. Whether it is a professional group or a community group, there are many different places a company can post. There are a host of different people and prospects that a company can be exposed to with Linkedin Discussions.

How has your company used Linkedin to increase top-of-mind awareness and generate leads? We would love to hear your comments.

Online Marketing for B2B Consulting Companies

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