Email Marketing: Brainstorming

email2You have gotten quite a few tips from us on the subject of email marketing lately.  Although email marketing is, relatively speaking, an older tool in the world of online marketing, it is certainly important!  We have talked about some email marketing tips, tools, and techniques.  Today we are going to get a little bit more creative and talk specific ideas for promotion and other uses of email marketing.  Get ready, after you have read our ideas, we hope you will be able to think of your own (and we know they will be fantastic)!

Sales and Specials

Since we are easing out of the holidays, promoting sale prices and clearance specials seems a pretty relevant idea to add to our brainstorm list.  Emails boasting outrageously low prices in their subject lines, and showcasing a whole array of discounted products once the email is actually opened are sure to attract a crowd.  Bonus points if you can segment your target market to send different emails to different segments of customers: a group of products for the soccer moms, another set for the business yuppies, and a third for the musical and artsy types.


Conferences, sponsored events, fundraisers, etc...the possibilities are endless!  Again, bonus points for segmenting customers based on demographics.  More bonus points for connecting to Facebook, or another social media outlet, so that people can RSVP (which will help to complete the whole experience and ensure conversion of email readers to event participants).  Plus, after the event has been a huge success that was documented through photographs and videos, you can advertise its success via email.  Customers who were there will be pleased to see a positive review of it, and customers who were not there will vow to make it to the next event!


To help further your internet marketing success, customer feedback on products and services is vital.  Email marketing asking customers to rate experiences, brand perceptions, and more is a great way to find out what you are doing well as well as what you need to improve on.  (Psst... a little incentive can be a good push to help customers fill out questionnaires or surveys, such as a coupon or website credit).


Quite possibly newsletters will encompass everything from events to recent blog posts, as well as plugs to articles on other websites.  Newsletters are a classic form of email marketing, and are still quite important today.  Newsletters are a medium not to be forgotten, and offer a lot of possibilities in the way of creativity to reflect your company and/or brand.

Shameless Advertising

Okay, don't overdo it...but there is no harm in doing a little simple advertising here and again with email marketing.  Maybe it's advertising for site memberships, social media, or a blog related to your company...whatever it is, a well-designed email can push customers in the right direction to end up where you want them to.  Sometimes, customers on your email subscription list may be minimally involved with your brand and/or business.  Simply getting these minimally involved customers more familiar and partial to your brand can inspire online conversion!

So, we hope that all helps and gives you a good starting point...what else can you come up with?


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