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As a Denver Marketing company we spend time writing blog posts.  After many years of typing up posts on a weekly basis we began to wonder how other people continue to come up with weekly blog topics.  We even took to LinkedIn and asked three different professional groups how they continued to generate blog topics and keep readers coming back for more.  Sadly, no one took the time to answer any of the questions we asked, so we will be putting this article together on our own.  However, we believe that we have a relatively comprehensive guide here that can help generate post content for years to come.

Blogging about updates

Denver MarketingOne of the easiest things to blog about are updates in relation to your business.  Whether it's technological updates, pricing updates, or government updates, updates allow for instant blog topic material.  The great thing is that as a person blogs about updates they become even more highly recognized as experts in their field.  This causes people to continue to return to the blog every time there is a new update, leading to more traffic coming to your site.

Blogging about your expertise

We are all in business for a reason.  One of the best ways to avoid typer's block is to blog about what we know best.  Not only does this  make a business seem more reputable, but they also can stand out as an expert in their field.  This definitely makes it easy to come up with topics to blog about and it also can help generate leads for business.

Blogging about your services

Yet another great topic of knowledge for a business is the services they offer — very easy to write about and a great way to keep customers updated whenever services change.  Being open about the services offered allow for potential clients to feel that the company is going to work well with them and not hide anything from them.

Blogging about lessons learned

The saying "You learn something new everyday" applies here.  We are constantly learning in business.  If there is a certain aspect of your job or company in which you learned a lesson, share it.  Even though "history may repeat itself," posting lessons learned can help shorten the learning curve.  Being able to relate a lesson learned back to a particular aspect of business or experience can also help people remember the lesson learned better because people remember things better in story form.

Blogging about research 

We all do research in business.  Granted, some research we want to keep to ourselves, but some research is great to share with the online community.  Sharing research can be a great conversation starter.  It can also help readers see that your business is dedicated to staying current as well as continually searching out the best way to do business.

These are five great ways to generate blog topics. Are there ways that you generate topics that we didn't list here?  Please share them with us in the comments below! 

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