Developing an Online Marketing Plan: Key Publics

As a Denver Marketing company, one of our specialties is helping businesses develop their online marketing plan. In the beginning stages of developing said plan the key publics (buyer personas) must be determined. Key publics help shape a company's online marketing plan.

Key Publics

Key Publics

Are segmented groups of people whose support and cooperation are considered "key" to the long-term survival of an organization or the short-term accomplishments of its objectives.

So when a company goes to develop their marketing plan they must determine what demographic they are going to reach.

If a company is trying to build their base then they are going to reach out to people who are similar to their business. These people will  (hopefully) stick by them for the long haul. They will help build the brand support a company needs in order to keep them in business.

If a company is simply wanting to use their marketing plan to reach out about a certain event then they will more than likely reach out to a different key public. These key publics will typically be opinion leaders who will get the word out quicker and hopefully in the end also build some company followers who will fulfill the long-term objectives.

Having key publics identified gives direction to a marketing plan. When the key public has been decided then the plan can be shaped to fit that public specifically. We identified earlier which types of key publics will be identified for which parts of plans. As the development of the plan continues, marketing can be tailored for these key publics which will make it more enticing to those key publics than the general public. This helps a company reach just the people they want following their brand who will bring about the maximum potential from their marketing plan.

This actually tends to be a larger key for businesses online than in traditional marketing. When companies are reaching out online they are building followers and fans. Most companies want these community members to be interactive. This means reaching a businesses key publics is a must.

Having a key public identified brings the starting direction a company needs for their online marketing plan. It also brings about the added benefits of reaching even further than the beginning plan and reaching the main people who need to be reached. These people will help advocate for the company. This enables the company to build the long-standing online community that they are seeking.


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