Tablet Devices: How to Use Them in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

tabletIn case you missed it, we have been discussing mobile tablet devices and the wide range of opportunities they offer for new, creative ways of Denver marketing.  Today, we want to throw a bunch of ideas out there.  No matter what kind of business you have, we think you can benefit from the use of mobile tablet devices!  Use our ideas as a starting point, and let your own ideas take form to help spread the success of your internet marketing campaign!

Tablets in the Building, in the Lobby, at the Table...You Get the picture!

Station a tablet in the lobby of your business office: maybe it's there for customers who are waiting to peruse company information and statistics.  Maybe the tablet is stationed in the lobby so that customers can do a search that corresponds with a map of the building and business departments.  If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you could put the menu on a tablet!  It's a whole lot easier than coming up with a spiel for the day's specials.  In summary, tablets can be used either as a source of information, or as an entertainment source...or, both!

Publish a Tablet-Only Magazine or Newspaper

An updated idea of the old e-zine, a tablet-zine is a great way to advertise and draw in customers.  While you save paper (and trees), a tablet page-turning magazine is more fun to scroll through than the same information would be on the internet.  The tablet, while still an internet solution for a paper product, offers more in the realm of tangibility than simply a website (however, you still get to put your website development skills to use).

Make it a Game

Take advantage of apps: turn anything into a game.  Maybe it's a game that simply helps you advertise your products and services, or maybe it's a game which allows for users to put their points towards something.  Either way, make it fun, and maybe a little bit addicting.

Take Advantage of Connectivity

Remember, the great thing about tablets is connecting with others.  Whether that's making sure that people can share one tablet, or that people can connect over multiple tablets, there is always one goal in mind: being well connected.  For example, at an event, you might consider using a tablet as a 21st century version of a guestbook.  Event-goers enter through the front door, grab a nametag, and proceed to the tablet to sign their name, email, and a short message.  What a great way to connect with people! 

So, as you can see, tablets offer a lot of opportunities for mixing up your marketing tactics.  Tablet use does not mean you have to change your campaign completely.  Think about adding, not subtracting!  What can a tablet add to your campaign?

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