10 Secrets of Using Video Content for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

seth-doyle-78214-unsplashSince YouTube was first launched in 2005, its popularity among all demographic groups has grown phenomenally. With a billion viewers consuming more than a billion hours of video each day, there is no disputing that video has become the single most powerful marketing tool on Earth. It has the power to engage, inform, and endear past, present, and future patients to you and your plastic surgery practice. However, producing and promoting a video is not quite as easy as writing a blog or sending an email. There are many other factors at play. Let’s explore some of the secrets of video marketing success:

1: Budget time ongoing and money for video

While your aesthetician can easily record a quick tip about the importance of using sunscreen on her smartphone, the lead generation potential of that video is not nearly as impressive as a professionally produced introduction to your practice. Of course, the planning, production, editing, and cost will be significantly different as well. Using this powerful tool for marketing requires a dedicated budget. In addition to financial resources, it is important to consider that it takes a considerable amount of time to create even one high-quality video production.

2: Develop a clear marketing strategy for video

What do you hope to achieve with your video content? Is there a procedure you could cover, or type of patient that you could reach more effectively through video? Or, could it be used to build trust by introducing each of your staff members?

It is important to plan your marketing objectives before you begin. Video production is a very creative process. And, when you have a solid plan, and specific objectives, you can make the process much more efficient than if you were to make it up as you go along.

3: Maintain consistency with your brand

If you only use Calibri and Franklin Gothic fonts and a color scheme of peach and blue in your marketing collateral and website, then carry them over to your videos as well. Maintaining a consistent brand image is very important. It communicates reliability, trustworthiness, and competency. It may not seem that powerful, but just think about the difference between a high-end restaurant and the food court at the mall. The contrast between a carefully presented salmon and chicken lo mein in Styrofoam is striking.


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You want to assure your prospective patients that you understand what is important to them. The quality of all your marketing materials must be consistent to achieve that goal.

4: Captivate viewers within the first ten seconds

Have you seen videos that completely miss the mark? One that comes to mind is a 40-something real estate agent standing 10 feet back in front of a weathered roadside fence, speaking in a monotone voice about how he is ready to list your house and help you find a new home. This guy thinks he’s promoting his business but everyone else is wondering what he was thinking. Don’t do that. Enlist the help of a creative professional to help you craft a hook that will engage viewers within the first 10-15 seconds when they are deciding whether or not to keep watching.

5: Mix it up

There are so many types of videos available, it just doesn’t make sense to stick to one type. Here are some examples of videos that could help you grow your business:

  • A 360° tour of your practice
  • Quick tip of the day on morning skincare regimens
  • An explainer video about the aging process and your skin
  • A close-up shoot of your founding surgeon speaking about his professional philosophy
  • A video blog explaining the benefits and limitations of non-surgical fat reduction
  • A fun shout out on Facebook Live from a local health fair
  • A patient testimonial describing an experience with your practice

6: Optimize your videos for organic search

This HubSpot video below explains the steps of optimizing your video for YouTube search including the title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles, cards, and end screens.

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7: Coordinate content with other marketing efforts

Yes, it is important to have a solid video strategy and consistent branding, but it is equally important to use multiple marketing tools to deliver your messages. No matter how fantastic your appeals are, there are not many people who will see your ad once and act on it immediately. On average, it takes 7-10 ‘touches’ for a person to be motivated to act. And, something that is potentially life-changing, such as a facelift or a mommy makeover, will likely require many more touches to cultivate a relationship before a decision will be made. By delivering similar information through email, advertising, social media, blogs, and downloadable content, you build a foundation for the future.

8: Use high-quality video in multiple ways

When you invest time and money in high-quality video production, be sure to maximize the benefit of your final product. Create short segments that can serve as teasers for the main video, and use these excerpts on your website and in social media posts to demonstrate the content and draw more visitors to your website where they can find similar high-quality content.

9: Tailor video content to the channel of distribution

Facebook is primarily a social network. The content you post there should match this upbeat, fun, and entertaining forum. It is okay to like to a serious explainer video or other informational pieces on Facebook, but the message that introduces it should match the tone and style that is appropriate for this channel. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels have specific audiences and parameters as well.

10: Focus on the needs and desires of your ideal patient

Female patient listening to doctor with concentration-1The most effective marketing addresses the needs, desires, obstacles, and challenges of your ideal patients. The more you know about who they are and what matters to them, the better you will be able to tailor your messages and offers so that they appeal to them. The best way to do this is to develop semi-fictional personas that represent each of your ideal patient types. After you have taken time to fully develop your patient personas, use them to guide the tone and style of your messages to them as well as the content and timing of offers.

Find a Healthcare Marketing Agency Who Can Help

While video marketing may seem like an ideal marketing solution for your plastic surgery practice, doing it right requires a certain level of technical knowledge and production expertise. Fortunately, ClearPivot is here to help. As a HubSpot Certified inbound marketing agency that specializes in helping healthcare practices generate more leads and close more business, ClearPivot has proven, time and again, that inbound marketing, and video in particular, provides outstanding results with impressive ROIs.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of how using video in your inbound marketing program could work for your practice, download your free copy of "Plastic Surgery Marketing in the 21st Century: An A-Z Guide."

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